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a source of income or livelihood

coupon redeemable at a restaurant and entitling the holder to a meal

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Voted by the public to take on the trial last night - which saw him locked in a tank filling with water and having to open boxes with a spanner - Khan recovered from his earlier woes to win food for his five campmates who already had a meal ticket and also managed to bag one more.
Mat de Koning's 2016 documentary Meal Tickets offers some answers to this question as it follows an Australian band with rockstar ambitions over the course of ten years.
NOMINAL VALUE OF A MEAL TICKET, 2001 - 2005 (table)
A NEW school meal ticket system brought in to speed up lunchtimes has caused chaos at a North Wales school.
SO Catford is the latest track to stick the boot into the heart and soul of the industry (owners, trainers and kennelhands) with the abolition of meal tickets.
Government subsidies were miserably low; foreign tours, the real meal tickets for the troupe, began much later.
Meal tickets, Meal vouchers delivery of meals, Catering.
Seems fairly obvious that this grasp for publicity is the first step in a new enterprise - Meal Tickets Ltd.
All staff were in fancy dress and prizes on offer included free meal tickets for local restaurants and shops.
Shame is dead as Blairite fanatics scramble for new meal tickets.
Today's On Your Knees trial was to involve getting covered in mud and slime as well as enduring yet more rats and bugs in order to obtain the meal tickets for the camp.
CATFORD has called a halt to the meal tickets administered to kennel staff working for its attached trainers on race nights.
The energy crisis has mostly passed and the terrorist threat will be quickly overcome, but the kids who don't get that most basic of meal tickets - a high school diploma - will be a tragedy for the state for the next half-century.
Prizes at the event include a night's accommodation at Britannia Hotel and two match and meal tickets at Coventry City Football Club.
Benefits such as meal tickets will be integrated within the card and parking will also be paid with it.