meal ticket

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Synonyms for meal ticket

a source of income or livelihood

coupon redeemable at a restaurant and entitling the holder to a meal

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Except that Jerry has absolutely no intention of allowing his meal ticket to jump ship.
until death do us part' not 'here's a meal ticket for life love'.
A NEW school meal ticket system brought in to speed up lunchtimes has caused chaos at a North Wales school.
The first is that school children eligible for free or reduce-fee lunches through government assistance programs often fail to participate because of the perceived social stigma associated with showing a special card or meal ticket in front of other students.
His club over there have got into financial difficulties and we've got him on a very good meal ticket, it's not expensive for us.
They're the airheads who follow these diva football stars around the clubs, legs akimbo in search of a meal ticket to the Prada shop.
Years later it became the annual meal ticket for Balanchine's ballet company and the basis of the most popular work he ever created.
Some architecture students, it seems, are interested in more than a meal ticket.
Besides always being on the lookout for his next bed partner and meal ticket, he's a pernicious playa' who is devoid of any scruples.
will realize soon enough that you're their meal ticket.
Our OSU survey showed hints of a Linux-powered revival of the network computing model; if SCO plays its cards right, Tarantella could prove to be its meal ticket for the new millennium.
Your favorite treat could be your meal ticket to a great science experiment.
As long as he can keep the cork off, he surmises, he's untouched by the "nigger act" that is his meal ticket.
for meal ticket holders; general admission is at 6:30 p.
Just as an apprenticeship would guarantee you a job, for many years a degree was a meal ticket to the career of your choice.