meal ticket

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Synonyms for meal ticket

a source of income or livelihood

coupon redeemable at a restaurant and entitling the holder to a meal

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The six meal ticket holders - Johnson, Shappi Khorsandi, Jennie McAlpine, Vanessa White, Georgia Toffolo and Becky Vardy - enjoyed dinner in Snake Rock while the remaining celebrities had rice and beans.
Romania's Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family has released its semi-annual report on nominal value of meal tickets for the first semester of 2010, starting with March.
Who wouldn't be holidaying all the time if they had a platinumplated meal ticket like she has?
I know that being PM is a meal ticket for the rest of your life but there are meals, banquets and Bacchanalian feasts.
I would much rather have our players at St Andrew's, who will sweat blood and tears for my club, than any over-rated prima-donna who is quite obviously looking for an easy meal ticket.
I asked for two meals, and when they came up, I said I had one meal ticket and I would pay for the other meal.
Students carry a contactless smart card that includes personal ID information and a photo, as well as an e-wallet that can be used as a library card, meal ticket, and discount card.
In the extreme, some Sisters are weary of being manipulated by Brothers who might see them as a meal ticket.
Years later it became the annual meal ticket for Balanchine's ballet company and the basis of the most popular work he ever created.
Some architecture students, it seems, are interested in more than a meal ticket.
Besides always being on the lookout for his next bed partner and meal ticket, he's a pernicious playa' who is devoid of any scruples.
Your favorite treat could be your meal ticket to a great science experiment.
As long as he can keep the cork off, he surmises, he's untouched by the "nigger act" that is his meal ticket.
Next to making it one the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, it's the surest meal ticket around.