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determined by the severe constraints specific to the structure of the enterprise, the performances required for promotion, the meagreness of the fragmented knowledge of the great majority of managerial staff and the commodity character that it assumes under capitalism .
In response, as it were, to the husband's growing leanness and meagreness, the wife exudes the nurturing appeal of a "portly" female--a "well conditioned woman" (295,296).
Considering the meagreness of what is being offered, it isn't surprising that no one looks engaged with their surroundings.
Moreover, the decision by ministers to allow landlords to pass the increased heating costs onto their tenants may mean--given the cost of renovation, the meagreness of renovation grants, and record demand for rental accommodation in areas like Zurich and Geneva--there is little incentive for property owners to invest in expensive energy-efficiency measures or new heating systems.
In the period that follows, the cause of her recurrent sense of insecurity and persecution is the meagreness and uncertainty of her (never very large) income, delays in publication and problems with agents and editors as well as the complexities of her taxation situation.
For James, it is the works' "very modesty and meagreness, their secrecy even, and within that their paradoxical expansiveness and energy" that make them interesting today.
But just suppose--" he said again and now he heard for the third time almost exactly what he had heard twice in twelve hours, and he marvelled again at the paucity, the really almost standardised meagreness not of individual vocabularies but of Vocabulary itself, by means of which even man can live in vast droves and herds even in concrete warrens in comparative amity: even his uncle too.
In a gross person, laden with superfluous flesh, and sleeping heavily, this would have been disagreeable; but in Lamb, thin even to meagreness, spare and wiry as an Arab of the desert, or as Thomas Aquinas, wasted by scholastic vigils, the affection of sleep seemed rather a network of aerial gossamer than of earthly cobweb--more like a golden haze failing upon him gently from the heavens than a cloud exhaling upwards from the flesh.
As Renault and Chateau explained, the meagreness of their resources accentuated the comfort of gatherings in warm and friendly bars or cafes where they encouraged and inspired each other to persevere with their work.
The main reason for this evident meagreness of the database may be that in many European countries preparations based on ivy leaf extract have been licensed with reference to their traditional use, based on scientific monographs, or are marketed as food supplements, so that their manufacturers were not required to present evidence from clinical studies with a scientifically acceptable experimental design.
With its chilling images, its unspecifie d locations, it catches the meagreness of lives restricted and oppressed by forces of conformism, the bullying ethos of the tribe.
Denial shifts to become diminution, "Le negre" made "meagre," and that meagreness turns to a moment of recognition: "c'est moi.
43] However, the commissioners admitted such compulsion was rarely realistic, considering the meagreness of most women's wages.
The skimpy meagreness of Laura's hair was characteristic of the rest of her physical appearance.
Though the meagreness of the data makes generalizations risky, these findings do appear to contrast with Goodman's conclusions (based upon a much larger sample of congressmen from every state between 1797 and 1804) regarding the generational level of Federalists and Republicans.