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to a meager degree or in a meager manner

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Since then, the US administrations have been maintaining the status quo while meagrely hinting about no-change of its policy, despite NaMo's spectacular rise, both in popularity and standing in the Indian politics - at least, in public.
The food is cooked by a cook - cum- helper who is meagrely paid ( ` 1,000 per month).
The few survey textbooks on Canadian art are, for the most part, out of date, out of print and meagrely illustrated.
Notably, its assets accounted for Rs13 billion and share in industry was meagrely 0.
The Federation is meagrely supported by the government and is generating funds through sponsorship and advertisement, he added.
Francis Drake (1540-96) abandoned his companion John Hawkins (1532-95) at San Juan d'Ulloa, Mexico following a fight with the Spanish, leaving Hawkins and his crew aboard the barely seaworthy and meagrely provisioned ship Minion.
By making Fumbatha exactly as old (at fifty years) as the city he has helped to construct and also emphasising that he is born in the same year (1896) in which his father and sixteen other men were hanged outside Makokoba township as a final demonstration of the culpable futility of resisting colonial incursion, Vera locates her male protagonist historically as a figure embodying early African modernity under colonialism--urban, but peripheral; constructively participant in the modernisation process in his society, but a disregarded contributor, meagrely rewarded.
Investors did not add reasonable fresh investment into the sector thus private foreign investment in textile progressed meagrely from N3.
We prefer four meagrely funded projects, each proceeding to another uncertain draft, over one outlandishly promising one given maximum support.
he had an idea of the beauty of reason, which was, on the whole, meagrely gratified by what he observed in his female patients" (James).
These terms are often suppressed or meagrely treated in Italian dictionaries.
In Gateshead the meagrely equipped YMCA had to battle for members with the North Eastern Railway Literary Institute, with its well equipped library, games room, billiard table and football teams.
But elsewhere, it wasn't taken seriously and anti-virus programs were used meagrely in the eastern part of the globe.
While South Africa has emerged as the hero of the disaster, it needs to ask itself why it reacted so meagrely and so cautiously in the first place and why it had to wait for the ex-colonial powers to sponsor more help before emergency reinforcement helicopters were sent in.
The answer is, very meagrely, although the desert does support more life than is at first apparent.