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The meagerness of her explanation along with my father's pursed lips conveyed I was not to ask more, although I was terribly puzzled.
The meagerness of contacts with the Arabs is explainable by the tendency on the part of the Jewish elite group to rely on the Western backing in its strife to achieve the Zionist objective, which was bound to adversely affect the mere existence of the Arab population of Palestine.
In contrast, they obsessed over meagerness in women as a serious and widespread beauty and health problem.
By the 1730s SPG missionaries had converted only about one thousand black men and women, primarily in North America, though the meagerness of the Anglicans' success was not always a result of a lack of interest or effort.
I put my hand on the point of her hip and could feel all at once the pliancy of it and the meagerness and the newness, too.
The meagerness of the discipline's acceptance in the American academy was largely due to its associations with Christian theological concerns, since both in America and in Europe, archaeological interest in Palestine had grown out of Christian religious interests and curiosity about the Bible, rather than out of the concerns of the secular academy.
but the meagerness of this success fills you with self-loathing.
Jordan Hadzi Konstantinov Dzinot, member of the Macedonian national revival movement, wrote the following about the need and the importance of the newspaper at this inopportune moment: "Even if we find ourselves in great meagerness, let us not be left without a newspaper".
Hurricanes were a new phenomenon to colonists and plantation owners from Europe and to slaves from Africa, and Mulcahy (history, Loyola College, Maryland) argues that they had a much greater impact on society than the meagerness of historical consideration suggests.
In addition to the rigidity and meagerness of the country's minimum wage, Jordanians hired in low-earning jobs may not necessarily have a contractual agreement with their employers that would secure for the former their rights and define the latter's obligations.
As no blame can be directed at any single entity for the shortfall of political participation, any attempt to interpret the phenomenon seems complicated as it revolves around three main integrated issues: Weakness and meagerness of the existing political parties; implemented legislations; and the sense of fear that continues to overwhelm a large number of Jordanian citizens vis-Ea-vis membership in political parties.
Here was need, and here was the meagerness of what I had to give: too little for those starved by poverty and narrow horizons.
leniency on sentencing in light of the meagerness of his actual
At that time they will be presented with Mathematica's findings on the costs to New Mexico government and to individuals on the plans, the richness or meagerness of coverage, whether we can cover prescriptions (and how .
I discovered the meagerness of these rituals on the day a dear friend died.