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Synonyms for meagerly

deficient in amount or quality or extent

to a meager degree or in a meager manner

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Both the parties have not really put their thoughts into the idea and meagerly proclaim prohibition out of competitive spirit in order only to outsmart PWF and PMK.
What else could one expect from the pupils of meagerly paid unmotivated teachers of public schools majority of whom do not take-up to teaching as a first choice, but land there only when they fail to get jobs in other professions.
His habit of keeping his store filled from floor to ceiling suggested his belief in the business maxim: "A store meagerly stocked will invariably encourage potential customers to shop elsewhere.
Constables and night watchmen in early America were largely conscripted into part-time service for which they were meagerly compensated.
2 eV) was meagerly equal to that of UV-A radiation LED lamp ([E.
Anyone who works in engineering or design can attest that projects done by committee result in products that do many things meagerly and nothing well.
Though we lack the kinds of detailed economic records for these societies that we have for Greece and Rome, everything we know about them suggests that their wealth was overwhelmingly controlled by a narrow elite who lived in splendor while the masses living meagerly.
It's starting to get better as I'm paying off the (security) deposits, but it will still take a few more months of living meagerly.
Economic growth has rebounded strongly in Ireland, mildly in Spain and Portugal and meagerly in Greece.
It will not be out of place to mention here that to conduct detailed Survey/Inquiries in the context of Auto Vehicle at times it would certainly involve considerable time and expenditure but usually the Motor Survey/ Inquiries Fee would be very meagerly paid by the Insurers which would hardly Cover the Surveyor Company's Expenditure.
NGC 7492's brightest stars meagerly shine at about 15th magnitude due to their great distance of 86,000 light-years.
Some were heralded as civilizing what many European writers described as the "Dark Continent"; most, however, lived meagerly, founding small churches and passing leadership to Africans within a short time.
The unions were meagerly funded, with small staffs (less than five people).
In the future, efforts to improve the situation of the Bedouin must involve not just an infusion of state resources, which have been allotted meagerly until now, but also creation of an infrastructure for independent economic activity.
Israel is targeting the strip with barrages of artillery, tank fire, bombs and rockets fired from warplanes and gunship helicopters, and the Palestinians are fighting back, largely depending on an arsenal of missiles, mostly made from meagerly available materials in the enclave.