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Synonyms for meagerly

deficient in amount or quality or extent

to a meager degree or in a meager manner

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Third, the Partnership has been only meagerly endowed: it has some 600 million Euros (US$838 million) allocated, which is to be dispersed on projects through all six countries.
Police employees talked to members of the press about cases and sent releases to news agencies, (82) but they tried to do it meagerly and only to the extent that it suited their interests.
As a result, the majority of screenings are conducted abroad or in the host nation at nonaccredited, insufficiently equipped, and meagerly staffed clinics.
In April, a second Spitfire will open in Eastside, a suburban Seattle neighborhood that is meagerly populated with sports bars and entertainment venues.
Back then these notes were equivalent to a dime and a quarter: enough to pay for a limonad and small kalbas sandwich; nowadays they are meagerly worth one-thousandth, and two-thousandth of a penny, respectively
It must be arranged that I should adorn this standing that I have received from my ancestors, I should have the reckoning of my name and honor, I will bring up a wife and children not basely and meagerly but liberally as is suitable.
Though the legal academy did not on this occasion reach the fervid ideological heights it twice previously scaled in its interventions on the same-sex marriage issue, it nonetheless managed through the offices of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers (CALT) to meddle however meagerly in the appointments matter (as notably it also intervened, in October 2006, in the federal Executive's decision to cancel the Court Challenges Program and the Law Commission of Canada).
Monteverde's movie is full of long, melodramatic monologues, meagerly developed motivations and TV-movie staging.
To become an independent medical subspecialist with full earning potential, one has to spend many years as a meagerly paid trainee.
Even the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (29) is meagerly endowed with evidence, and will undoubtedly be different next year.
Total grain area is expected to remain more or less flat in the next ten years with a meagerly increase of less than one million hectare (figure 3).
The expedition was poorly planned and meagerly financed; Stefansson did not receive the pay he had been promised, and out of necessity he turned to journalism.
the normal schools were, as a rule, meagerly financed and poorly equipped.
New businesses (including nonprofit corporations) often do not incorporate because their managers are nobly trying to reduce cash outflows, reduce burdens on volunteer (or meagerly paid) staff, or managers simply don't recognize the importance of incorporation.