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The grubs attack the roots of ryegrass and can cause heavy thinning of swards and their replacement by weed species such as annual meadowgrass.
Trapping of airborne dust by Eig's meadowgrass (Poa eigii) in the Judean Desert.
Given a little soil on the weed roots such as groundsel and annual meadowgrass there is no need to add further soil.
Go and ask Robin to bring the girls over To Sweetwater, said my Aunt; and that was why It was like a dream of ladies sweeping by The willows, clouds, deep meadowgrass, and the river.
Thus it is important to take control of blackgrass and meadowgrass in OSR crops, reducing the background population of the grass weeds in following wheats.
In summer (May-July) grass pollens are the most common causes of hayfever and include Foxtail, Meadowgrass, Cocks Foot, Timothy, and Yorkshire Fog.
The new greenery will be made up with a mix of meadowgrass that will not be mown - to give it a natural look - and trees and wildflowers.