meadow pipit

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a common pipit that is brown above and white below

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However, on brackish marshes we found that the positive relation of abundance of Meadow Pipits and Reed Buntings with the cover of tall vegetation was stronger than on salt marshes.
The infestation rate by Trypocalliphora braueri Hendel 1901 in Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) is just about 3%, and in the Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica), it is 4.
Even better at performing this parachute flight is the Meadow Pipit as they sing to proclaim their patches.
In the North York Moors, LUC envisaged that by 2041, bracken and scrub has replaced the open habitat favoured by characteristic moorland birds such as merlin, red grouse, meadow pipit and upland waders.
Andy Clements, director of the British Trust for Ornithology, said: "One fact about the cuckoo most people know is it lays its eggs in other birds' nests, and two key hosts, the meadow pipit and dunnock, are birds that are in decline.
lJohn Gosden, who wins the apprentice race at Ascot as Meadow Pipit (Pat McCabe) beats Winged Victory (Ian Balding/ Danny Griffiths), denies having been anti-Michael Roberts during the rider's season as retained jockey for Sheikh Mohammed.
Incubation (laying to hatching of the last egg) and nestling periods (hatching to fledging of the last young) were compared to England populations of Meadow Pipit.
Meadow pipit numbers have fallen by more than half in Europe and in the UK by 43%.
Other birds which nest on the moors around Huddersfield include the golden plover, meadow pipit, skylark, lapwing and several types of breeding waders.
A TINY meadow pipit feeds the gaping beak of a cuckoo four times its size.
HIT WAS a fine week for Tara Stud stallion Key Of Luck, responsible not only for the Aga Khan's homebred King George winner Alamshar, but also for Thursday's Listed Star Stakes winner Lucky Pipit (ex Meadow Pipit, by Meadowlake), a Gainsborough Stud homebred.
A constituent who has monitored wildlife at the site for 20 years tells me it is also home to breeding pairs of corn bunting, tree sparrow, curlew, meadow pipit and kestrels.
Of the 50 species it uses, the meadow pipit, reed warbler, dunnock and pied wagtail are the most favoured.
The site represents nearly 10 per cent of remaining wildlife rich grassland in the city and is one of few that is suitable for ground-nesting birds such as the skylark and meadow pipit.
By the time the cuckoo arrives from sub-Saharan Africa, the nests of its hosts (like meadow pipit, reed warbler) which it relies on to lay its imposter egg in have already been vacated by grown up chicks.