meadow buttercup

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perennial European buttercup with yellow spring flowers widely naturalized especially in eastern North America

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Meadow buttercup, lady's smock and the globe flower are all native to Scotland.
99, a wildflower seed gift that grows into a striking arrangement of dazzling golden flowers including Meadow Buttercup, Common St John's Wort, Ladies Bedstraw and Corn Marigolds.
Stick to well-known and popular types such as cornflower, corn marigold, cowslip, field poppy, foxglove, meadow buttercup, musk mallow, ox-eye daisy and sweet cicely.
Your free seed mix will be native to your country, with colourful varieties such as corn marigold, meadow buttercup, and oxeye daisy.
We have developed knowledge and skills over the years, and it's fantastic to see a variety of species such as eyebright, meadow buttercup, oxeye daisy, red clover, yellow rattle and yarrow becoming established in different locations around the county and beyond.