mea culpa

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Synonyms for mea culpa

a statement of acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon

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an acknowledgment of your error or guilt

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As I meditated on my moral inventory, a phrase rose to the surface: Mea culpa.
9 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that what couples want from each other during a blowup is not a mea culpa but rather the willingness to bend a little and give up some power.
In these works, such as Martha Rosler's Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful series (1966-72) and Mary Kelly's Mea Culpa (1999), the artists explore how images of violence, especially war, when presented in private, domestic spaces through the media, affect civilians.
This is pretty obviously uncool, and she's issued her mea culpa.
Taxpayers may appreciate his Mea Culpa but most are probably thinking Show Me The Money.
The Purcell affair is far from over, despite his insincere public mea culpa.
Con su primera novela, titulada La querencia (1996), Pilar gana el Premio Villa de Madrid y con la segunda, Mea culpa (1997), la Mencion Especial del Premio Nadal, ademas de una extraordinaria acogida tanto por parte de la critica como de los lectores.
Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, sees some merit in a mea culpa, issuing one, of sorts, in a newspaper interview.
In late 2007, in fact, Wulf Uriah, MD, PhD, executive director of the North American Menopause Society, called for such a mea culpa in the journal Menopause.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs had to issue a mea culpa Sept.
Or: Conversely, "Anchorwoman," unwittingly (or, perhaps, otherwise), is an insightfully blistering critique of the utter glib i ng in this tiny Texas market is the medium writ large: Pretty faces, smiley-faced stories, cleavages to which attention must be paid ems the Fox network's mea culpa for sister outfit Fox News Channel: We apologize, they're saying, for reducing public discourse to t There's a cagey visual motif: Frequent shots of signs on executives' doors reveal readings in Braille.
The public mea culpa comes via a provision in the Conservative government's Federal Accountability Act that holds senior bureaucrats like Marshall responsible for their actions.
Despite his play on words and slogans, Bush didn't learn the value or meaning of mea culpa (acknowledgement of an error) during his years at Yale.
For some reason, the current generation in power seems determined to exhibit a mea culpa attitude for the actions of their forefathers.
And when Gibson gets around to doing his nationally televised mea culpa, we hope Jay Leno can unlock his lantern jaw long enough to ask a few hardball questions.