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widespread rank-smelling weed having white-rayed flower heads with yellow discs

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Dandelions are perhaps the commonest but groundsel, pineapple weed, mayweed, thistles, ragwort, yarrow and coltsfoot can annoy us just as easily.
The next most frequent broad-leaved weeds identified by farmers were mayweed (infesting 86pc of winter wheat), chickweed (infesting 82pc of the crop), charlock (75pc of the total crop), common field speedwell (69pc), fat hen (68pc), volunteer oilseed rape (68pc), field pansy (65pc) common poppy (60pc), knotgrass (59pc) and groundsel (58pc).
The flowers - Common Mallow, Scentless Mayweed, Thistle, Forget-me-Not, Primrose and Common Red Poppy - also appear on the trust's 2003 calendar, where they are accompanied by a touching tribute: 'Les Childs: True friend, wonderful man and very talented Smethwick artist.
DEWEY tp = weedy DEWEY ta1 = swayed, tweedy DEWEY ta2 = dyeweed, mayweed, weedily, weekday
Cornflowers range in colours from pink to shades of blue and purple and go well with golden corn marigolds, vermilion pheasant's eye (Adonis annua) and the white and yellow mayweed (matricaria).
And all forms of life are one in their tenacity, in their determined grip on existence, in their unfaltering will to be, exhibited so obviously in the sow thistle rising through any crevice forced or found in cement or rock; in mayweed and burdock thriving along roadsides, among rubbish and waste; in the unrelenting persistence of birds--sparrows, crows, warblers--up at dawn, even after a sudden spring storm of sleet and ice, a long frigid night, calling and scrabbling in the cold, there to survive, crisis or no.