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hawthorn of southern United States bearing a juicy, acidic, scarlet fruit that is often used in jellies or preserves

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The city's existing annual events--for example, MusicFest, the South Arkansas Mayhaw Festival, the Boomtown Classic--serve as the basis for future events.
This is the first year that the thorny mayhaw trees have enough fruit to use and I have waited in lip-licking suspense for the three years since they were planted.
When we had gathered enough, we would go back to the farmhouse and I would eat oven-warmed biscuits and dewberries with fresh cream while Grandmother washed and sorted the mayhaw fruit.
Mash the mayhaw fruit in a stainless pot over heat with some water added, then strain pulp through two thicknesses of cheesecloth.
Mayhaw (Crataegus opaca) is a small tree and member of the rose family.
We'll be picking dewberries and mayhaws soon, courtesy of Mother Earth.