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thorny Eurasian shrub of small tree having dense clusters of white to scarlet flowers followed by deep red berries

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fawns, ending with the price of May Blossom, rated as
Two analogies illustrate differences in educational philosophy: the child as clay to be molded by teachers to conform to predetermined standards, and the child as a flower, tended by the teacher so that it may blossom in its own way.
BRIAN EARL, Ryton seem fair,But they should see people do care Facing their peers when they want to say no Not able to see which way to go Temptations they face with decisions to Make - some will make a big mistake, What is a teenager why should we care Is there a place in society they can share Seeking independence they think they know Best - like a young bird leaving the nest With so much confusion, they scream and shout But life has a way of helping out Forming relationships that may not last Means teenagers have to grow up fast, Attitudes change some turning sour Others may blossom like a beautiful flower But in the end as wisdom grows They may turn into a person respected, One never knows Teenage years can be a troublesome time But things usually turn out fine.
The old saying refers to the May blossom, not the month of May, which is the blossom of the hawthorn bush.
Then this year's lavish crop of May blossom caught my eye.
The pictures show May blossom time' a beautiful scene with blue skies showing through the trees' a lovely country walk' a country scene captured along the Wedge' volunteers going round picking up litter' one of the many ponds showing the colourful water lilies' and a view from one of the lanes.
Situated on a village road famed for its May blossom, the already spacious three-storey home was enlarged further with the addition of a snug and orangery seven years ago.
If Griffiths shows anything like the form that saw him hit 11 goals during his loan spell last season the relationship between player, club, manager and Hibs supporters may blossom.
Margaret remembers May blossom on the trees and dancing around the maypole in the field behind the Wakefield Road school which has since been converted into apartments.
In your gardens, hedgerows will still appear a bit bleak with little of the traditional may blossom on Hawthorn yet.
Bring in some younger players to inject pace and hopefully one may blossom into a decent midfield provider.
As one of the few successes of an exhaustive 14-man recruitment drive (though others may blossom later on, as often happens with foreign players), it would be a real kick in the teeth to lose him.
She was a dainty, vital, dazzling bride in a dress as white as May blossom.
This does not refer to the month of May but to the may blossom, more commonly known as hawthorn.