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Synonyms for maximization

the mathematical process of finding the maximum value of a function

the act of raising to the highest possible point or condition or position

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He used additional language that approaches profit "maximization," but when carefully examined it falls short of endorsing the inflexibility that maximization requires (1937:423).
Advisors aren't strangers to pension maximization, but as more and more boomers retire and make decisions about their pensions, it's wise to review some sticking points of pension maximization in order to provide the best advice to clients.
Now, if it does not sound quite right to describe the New Deal regulatory state as "loving," perhaps a modification of the operative statement of opposing ideological positions can be accepted--instead of love and money, we can oppose cooperation and competition, and stability and maximization.
Compatibility makes profit maximization possible, and an advanced management approach enables metalcasters to make good on that opportunity.
Because [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be positive or negative, it follows that the equilibrium unit cost of talent under win maximization [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be above or below the marginal revenue [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], depending on the size of the wage- turnover ratio [?
Price premium investigations involve finding the price point for profit maximization (see exhibit).
Although repairing balance sheets is the right and responsible thing to do for individual corporations, when a large number of companies shift their priorities from profit maximization to debt minimization all at the same time, a fallacy of composition problem is created where Adam Smith's invisible hand works in the opposite direction by shrinking both the economy and the money supply.
They argue that relatively even allocations are consistent with expected utility maximization because the allocator is merely responding to a rational fear of rejection.
While the opening, theoretical chapters of Takings combined a natural-rights principle with a utilitarian, social- surplus maximization principle, Bargaining jettisons natural rights and fully embraces the law-and-economics paradigm of Pareto superiority, wealth maximization, prisoner's dilemma games, transaction costs, strategic bargaining, and externalities.
A preponderance of the work performed in this area has addressed two theoretical issues, the consistency of utility and profit maximization and comparative static behavior of the entrepreneur.
Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ:MVSN) today introduced its Hardware Value Maximization solution, which is designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) manage and sell the software that is developed for their hardware products.
an IBM Business Partner harnessing IBM's leading business analytics and cloud technologies, has showcased its revenue maximization solution at the IBM Impact 2011 Global Conference.
Limited revenue maximization opportunities in the wireless voice services markets are driving service providers to focus on mobile enterprise solutions.
Approval of the company's buyback program, indeed reflects not only our strong belief that Pilgrim's stock is undervalued, given our current reserve prospect and economic evaluation, but also our commitment to shareholder's wealth maximization.