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Synonyms for maverick

Synonyms for maverick

someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action


an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf)

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independent in behavior or thought

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The first live-fire test scored a direct hit on a small boat using Laser Maverick and an SH-60B Seahawk helicopter as the designating platform.
Alienation is rife in The Maverick Strain, a point hammered home by staging a man and a woman together on a bed as the evening's only scene in which sexual desire plays no part.
Abrasive mavericks"--my favorite kind--are the subject of a Wall Street Journal story, while "The Maverick Who Runs Wells Fargo" graces the cover of the New York Times Magazine.
Prior to joining MAVERICK, Gellings was President / CEO and co-founder of EnteGreat, an industry-leading firm based in Birmingham, Ala.
The acquisition of Mission Controls is the most recent of several strategic initiatives and partnerships developed by MAVERICK to foster continued growth.
For additional information on MAVERICK Technologies, go to www.
We are looking forward to joining MAVERICK and bringing to our customers the global scale and best practices of MAVERICK.
The investment experience, healthcare expertise and financial discipline of the Halifax team have been a tremendous asset to Maverick.
MAVERICK initially gained the controlling interest in CFPA in October 2005 as part of the GE Energy Automation Services business acquisition.
The Maverick acquisition provided an opportunity to enter a market that has generally been limited to Tenaris due to anti-dumping restrictions in the United States.
Right now, del Granado is on the phone from Maverick Musica's Miami-based offices nursing the flu and jet lag after an early morning flight from New York.
Cinequest Distribution (launched November 2006) is making its name in the world of film by offering distribution solutions that work for the Maverick gems that get lost after their festival life.
To celebrate the spirit of these incredible athletes, Arby's will cap off the evening with the "Arby's Maverick Award" which will recognize an athlete with the most incredible sports stunt/move of the year.
Texola' or the 'Company') (OTCBB: TXLA) is pleased to advise that Cedar Strat has completed its preliminary geological report on the Company's Maverick Springs Project, Nevada USA.