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someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

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MAVEN has been examining how solar wind and ultraviolet light strip gas from of the top of the planet's atmosphere.
Hurowitz is excited for MAVEN to reveal how the Martian atmosphere has changed (SN Online: 4/13/14) and how those changes tie into the record locked away in sedimentary rocks on the planet's surface.
Another Maven instrument detected sodium, potassium, manganese, nickel, chromium and zinc.
Bill Nixon, Managing Partner at Maven, said: "Following the success of recent top-up offers by four of the other Maven VCTs, we believe this offer will be equally attractive to investors looking for a regular tax-free income stream.
Maven Partners currently offers support in analytics and customer intelligence domains through the application of quantitative methods to help stir in revenue growth and retention strategies, the statement read.
This study draws on prior research into the characteristics and motivations of the market maven to propose online behaviors that will help marketers distinguishing market mavens from other virtual community members, such as opinion leaders.
The Internet maven is an outgrowth of the market maven construct, first introduced by Feick and Price in 1987.
This guide to the Apache Maven software tool for Java application management is designed for IT professionals and project managers who need to run reports, generate websites and organize communications between several departments in an organization.
Paper piecing for quilters just got easier with Quilt Mavens: Perfect Paper Piecing, a guide to producing polished, professional results using the Maven method along with a pattern cd-rom included.
said Friday it will launch sales of the Maven, a new multipurpose vehicle, in Indonesia next Thursday.
We were looking for a name, and that's what a maven is, so that's what we decided to call ourselves - the Mavens.
Precisely because he leaves the reader questioning, "Am I a Connector, a Maven or a Salesman?
Briggs Softworks, Houston, Texas, has released File Maven Pro 2.
Russo--who admits to maven tendencies himself--says he's found
A degree in computer science from the University of South Carolina, and several years working in his chosen field, would transform this farm boy into tech maven and lay the foundation for the launch of Atlanta-based Information Management Systems (IMS).