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of pink tinged with mauve

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It is happy in semi-shade and will produc e blue flowers on neutral to acid soil, or mauve-pink on alkaline soil.
She has a rangy Texas ranger (Leucophyllum frutescens) covered with bell-shaped mauve-pink flowers that show up well against silver-gray foliage.
SET C: 55 LIATRIS: clusters of mauve-pink feathery flowers, on tall spikes with grassy mid-green foliage.
Miss Valance plumps for shimmery neutrals, defining her sassy lips with a brown pencil then slicking on a mauve-pink lip tone.
syriacus 'Woodbridge', a mauve-pink variety and the double-flowered magenta 'Duc de Brabant'.
An elegant and timeless choice for any woman of style, it features a pair each of classic white pearl studs, mysterious black and exotic mauve-pink.
For autumn colour they can be combined with hardy chrysanths or Japanese anemones, while other autumn foliage can provide a perfect foil to the mauve-pink flowers.
UNTIL a few years ago echinacea were generally purple, mauve-pink and white, but that has changed now that more varieties are available and growers have had time to build up supply.
hupehensis Hadspen Abundance, with its single mauve-pink flowers, or the taller A.
Signs for the roses are made locally of charcoal acrylic base with vinyl lettering in white, excepting the name of the rose that is done in a mauve-pink shade.
99 inc p&p Set C 55 Liatris clusters of mauve-pink feathery flowers, on tall spikes with grassy mid-green foliage.
SET C: 55 Liatris - clusters of mauve-pink feathery flowers on tall spikes with grassy mid-green foliage.
From June to August it produces double, semi-double and later single flowers, soft mauve-pink with green or purplish tints in the doubles.
Weigela florida ' Foliis Purpurea' has purple flushed leaves; when it flowers the branches are swathed in deep mauve-pink.
The judges described Golden Rain as "a spectacular bright yellow of excellent form"; and Pink Splendour as "a stunning mauve-pink spider".