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The judge imposed a threeyear community order requiring Maunder to complete the Horizon sex offender treatment programme.
Football's UK dominance is unlikely to be challenged in the near future, but for the uninitiated Maunder presents a heartfelt introduction to a sport that could soon establish itself as a serious rival for several other spectator sports, giving us yet another thing for which we should thank the Belgians.
The team then took the model back in time, retracing the Maunder Minimum.
We didn't go looking for the Maunder Minimum," says the study's lead author, Valerie Trouet of the University of Arizona.
Georgina Maunder and Josh Kockelbergh, both aged 21, with little Annaleah, who the couple lost in 2014 and now they have had to deal with the heartbreak of losing their son Tyler
We didn't go looking for the Maunder Minimum; it just popped out of the data," says study coauthor Valerie Trouet, a paleoclimate scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
According to the resolution, the members of the board are: Mohammed Ahmed Al Bawardi, Majed Ali Al Mansouri, Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Dr Fredric Launay, Russell Mittermeier and Dr Mike Maunder.
The chronological boundaries set by Maunder may be arbitrary but there is a reasonable argument in fixing 1780 as a convenient cut-off point.
Green added that there is a very strong hint that the Sun is acting in the same way now as it did in the run-up to the Maunder Minimum, when freezing winters swept across Europe.
By 1962 the group line-up consisted of Johnny Maunder on rhythm guitar, Louis Johnson on drums, Brian Ashcroft on bass, and Roy Smith on lead guitar.
Maunder includes the fundamental principles drawn from the Charter of L'Arche, a community committed to people with learning disabilities.
Maunder was banned from driving for 17 months and ordered to pay pounds 85 costs and a pounds 15 victim surcharge after admitting drink-driving in his home village of Dinas Powys, near Cardiff, one Saturday night last month.
Joel Maunder, 18, was more than double the legal drink-drive limit when he was stopped by police in a village.
The research speculated that the dip could see Brits face temperatures similar to those experienced during the Maunder minimum.
The Maunder Minimum is considered to extend between 1645 and 1715.