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a long stick that a painter uses to support the hand holding the brush


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His ultimate irony, perhaps, is seen in two watercolours of a group of admiring connoisseurs looking at a painting on the easel of an artist's studio, while its author, a parody of an academic artist with long beard and maulstick, looks on complacently.
Her well-turned plump hands are at work with maulstick, palette and brushes on a small tender canvas of the Virgin, who is holding up the infant Jesus's face for Him to receive her kiss.
An artist's palette hangs on a broken limb; a forked branch holds a maulstick.
In Thomas with Measuring Stick, 1984, the isocephaly of varied men, measured under the nose by a maulstick or limbo bar, finds an enforced uniformity for the doubting measurer.