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a long stick that a painter uses to support the hand holding the brush


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The torso and its clothing, and the palette, brush, and maulstick, are demarked in a few swift, bold strokes of thin color.
His ultimate irony, perhaps, is seen in two watercolours of a group of admiring connoisseurs looking at a painting on the easel of an artist's studio, while its author, a parody of an academic artist with long beard and maulstick, looks on complacently.
Standing on the ledge are Cole himself, holding palette and maulstick, and the poet William Cullen Bryant, who had delivered the funeral eulogy for the dead artist at the Church of the Messiah in New York and whose own work testified not merely to kinship between like-minded souls but to the essential naturalness of American identity.
This two-sided, freestanding cardboard wall features its title and a sketch-like painting on its front; behind it, something like the three-dimensional model of a still-life painting: a large table in raw canvas, with, on top, a pair of shoes, a book, a cube, a black square painted directly onto the canvas, a circle made out of black felt, and what seemed to be a maulstick.
An artist's palette hangs on a broken limb; a forked branch holds a maulstick.