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brittle flat bread eaten at Passover

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The book addresses various elements of religious life--synagogues, the Sabbath and holidays, matzot, dietary laws, cemeteries, bathhouses, rabbis and cantors, calendars, theaters, and ties with foreign Jewish communities.
At one point the CARC chairman in the BSSR wrote to Moscow on the matter of matzot production, "we could play a positive role in providing assistance to Jewish believers" (103).
Thus, for example, he asserts that: "The ridiculous rituals of matzot on Passover, which run so counter to what is accepted in the countries in which they live, arouse ludicrousness and even revulsion made even more intense by how important the Orthodox [Jews] consider them" (Lombroso, 1894, 14).
and then drained their blood so that it could be baked into matzot or
Among the most insidious of all the antisemitic charges of long standing in European history, and now making its way into the Middle East, has been the lie that prior to Passover, Jews will kidnap innocent Christian children, murder them, drain their blood, and use it in the making of the matzot, the flat unleavened cakes associated with the festival.
Examples of modern "blood libels" are the poisoning of Arab women and children, the use of the blood of Arab children to bake matzot, the dissemination of the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the denial of the Holocaust.
The 50 preschool students from Temple Adat Elohim visited the center to learn some history and bake some matzot in preparation for the upcoming Passover holiday.
In 1943 a small supply of wheat was made available to the two communities to bake matzot, despite the wartime wheat rationing.
A Blessing of Bread features more than 60 recipes for challah and other Sabbath loaves, as well as for babka and honey cake, bagels, matzot, and crackers.
The Matzot Holiday Law of 1986 states that stores in predominantly Jewish towns may not publicly display hametz for sale during the seven-day Passover holiday.
A mass of local Christians--later joined by a mass of Muslims--accused the local Jews (not yet called Zionists) of murdering the two in order to bake their blood into matzot for Passover.
2 -- color) Eli Ayala, 3, and Jonathon Alkalai, 3, taste matzot during a mock Seder.
But Mama can't imagine how you could have Passover without matzot.
Not only that, but eating matzot that are baked within a strict time limit raises the significance of the mixture of flour and water to a higher level; it becomes spiritual food.