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brittle flat bread eaten at Passover

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The 50 preschool students from Temple Adat Elohim visited the center to learn some history and bake some matzot in preparation for the upcoming Passover holiday.
Levine gathered the matzot, slid them into a 650-degree pizza oven and flipped them halfway through their seven-minute baking time with an expertise that came from having flipped hundreds of the flat cakes in the past two weeks.
In the weeks leading up to Passover, which will begin April 11, Levine gives his lesson and flips his matzot to help students understand the ancient reason behind their modern practices.
In 1943 a small supply of wheat was made available to the two communities to bake matzot, despite the wartime wheat rationing.
A mass of local Christians--later joined by a mass of Muslims--accused the local Jews (not yet called Zionists) of murdering the two in order to bake their blood into matzot for Passover.
But there was no canceling the verdict that Jews had a practice of using Christian blood in matzot.
2 -- color) Eli Ayala, 3, and Jonathon Alkalai, 3, taste matzot during a mock Seder.
But Mama can't imagine how you could have Passover without matzot.
If THEY sold matzot in the stores the way it was before the war, we wouldn't have to shlep all the way to the other side of the city.
Not only that, but eating matzot that are baked within a strict time limit raises the significance of the mixture of flour and water to a higher level; it becomes spiritual food.