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Synonyms for matzo

brittle flat bread eaten at Passover

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Pizza may be new, but King Kold has been around for more than 50 years as a leading distributor of kosher frozen foods, including a wide variety of hand-crafted crepes, potato and vegetable pancakes, blintzes, matzoh balls and more.
I often make whole wheat matzohs (flour and water) or whole grain crackers.
Referring to an incident in 1992 at a gay rights meeting when several Hasidic men applauded the announcement that a gay activist had recently died of AIDS, Goldberg's untitled piece of hinged matzohs of the same year makes it especially clear that Jewish identity is in no way monolithic.
So, as usual, grandmother was right when she urged you to use schmaltz on your Passover matzohs.
But a tyrannical Soviet regime had, in a sense, made Jews for us, not by denying shechitah or the baking of matzohs, but by taking away the prospect for a future for their children.