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in a mature manner

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The judgment said that whilst most of the media acted maturely and fairly reported the proceedings, there were some who violated the parameters of factual reporting and also broadcasted and printed views of persons who were interested in a particular outcome of this case.
Our students have also acted maturely in acknowledging that any incident of this nature is not accepted in society.
In our relationship with God, do we act maturely or as unspoiled children?
This time around, instead of plaintively pleading for the extension of her artistic life on the show, she more maturely accepted the viewers' collective verdict-and, with good reason:
Qatar's ambassador to Germany HE Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said the State benefited from the experience and acted maturely towards highlighting the lessons learnt especially regarding opening the Qatari economy for initiatives and investments for all with no exceptions.
With Singh more confident began clipping maturely around Ageas Enter Sunny Singh on just his third first class appearance, second in the Championship, having never scored a professional run.
Moreover, using drama in training is about acting real-life situations from the participants' lives which further helps them to react more maturely to situations and challenges.
AITA TO ACT ON THE MATTER AITA secretary general Hrinmoy Chatterjee, meanwhile, has called for the veteran Indians to behave maturely.
Sports should be kept aside from politics and Modi must deal with this matter maturely," he said.
Imran Khan took to Twitter and asked state institutions to play their due role and that too maturely in a bid to do a groundbreaking investigation in the scandal.
If we cannot protect children from knowing the facts of life earlier than we would like we can at least help them to understand and deal maturely with those facts.
He's been through so much - his world has been turned upside down but he's dealt with is so maturely.
She admits she threw champagne "in her direction" and says: "I should have dealt with it more maturely.
Smith had put on exactly 50 with Lewis McManus - who batted maturely in just his second first class match before he departed.
We played very maturely most of the game, but the players know this is only the first step in what could be a long series," CSKA's Greek coach Dimitris Itoudis told Euroleague television.