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Results: No significant difference existed between the maturation rates in [alpha]-MEM (68.
As chronologic age is not a valid predictor of skeletal maturation phases, skeletal maturation derived from radiographic analysis is a commonly used prediction method to estimate growth velocity and the proportion of remaining growth (7, 8).
Key words: In vitro maturation, serum free medium, defined medium, epidermal growth factor.
2013, firmness is reduced during fruit maturation development, which is attributed to changes in pectin molecules (Canteri et al, (2012), catalyzed by enzymes pectinmetylesterase and polygalacturonase (Pinheiro, 2008).
The quantification of biological activity through biospeckle laser has been correlated with parameters linked to the maturation of fruits and vegetables, such as soluble solids, acidity and firmness (Zdunek et al.
The system maturation in a single chamber for concrete bricks, blocks and paving for 12 rows and technology project implementation in terms of ABW SUPERBRUK Sp.
Uptill now, evaluations of secondary sex characteristics, height and weight, hand-wrist maturation, IGF-1 and dental development have been used as alternative to chronologic age.
However, little information is available on the effect of flavonoids on oocyte maturation and embryonic development in pigs.
The co-operative said it was indebted to Llechwedd Slate Caverns, which has incorporated the cheese maturation areas into its mine tours.
Photoperiod and temperature manipulations based on seasonal natural variations of these parameters have been successful in controlling maturation of unablated P.
Building on an interest in using iPSCs from people with heart disease to grow heart tissue, the researchers sought ways to overcome the maturation problem.
The relationship between follicular size and oocyte competence to undergo complete nuclear maturation has been well described in the cattle (LONERGAN et al.