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Synonyms for matting

a covering of coarse fabric (usually of straw or hemp)

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mounting consisting of a border or background for a picture


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Likewise, dietary deficiencies that render the coat dull, dry and lusterless can also increase the likelihood of matting.
A term arrangement for the supply of entrance matting - Interior mats to wipe feet and remove dirt where no matwells are available (with rubber edging to prevent tripping); Interior/Exterior mats to scrape feet and remove heavy soiling and snow through a grid effect; Traditional coir mats similiar to coconut matting; Matting suitable for wet weather; Matting suitable for use around the sand and water play areas; Soft colourful mats with rubber edges to prevent tripping; Embroidered mats for entrances incorporating logos or welcome messages and Nitrile rubber kitchen mat.
The T-REX compliments Newpark Mat and Integrated Services' DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mats and was developed to reduce the time needed to clean rig matting and speed the site-to-site redeployment of equipment and completion operations.
According to Eagle Mat, businesses commonly invest in new entrance matting as a way to keep facilities clean throughout long winter months.
Our engineers are delighted to have state of the art equipment to improve and expand our matting product lines, and the marketing and sales teams are eager to show customers our latest products and heightened capabilities"
Our initial efforts yielded the next-generation airfield matting (AM-X) program, an initiative to replace AM-2 aluminum airfield matting, the heaviest system the Air Force deploys.
For this reason, matting at all entrance areas should be a priority.
Milliken-Kex, a business unit of Milliken and Company is addressing the twin issues of rubber matting to reduce strain on workers' joints and the subsequent bacterial build up on these mats by introducing a new line of rubber mats.
C&K Manufacturing's C-Kure Multi Trac Roll Mat is an antislip, antifatigue matting solution that reduces employee leg and back fatigue while providing secure footing.
3M[TM] Nomad[TM] Printed Carpet Matting 6600 from 3M Commercial Care is available in a wide variety of custom colors that can be tailored to match pre-existing interiors.