matter of fact

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Synonyms for matter of fact

a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide

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a matter that is an actual fact or is demonstrable as a fact

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As a matter of fact, you would have been at the Tower, or underneath it, at this very moment, but for the young lady who probably perjured herself to save you.
As a matter of fact, there was nothing for him to do.
As a matter of fact, my notion of heading out west on the chance of sight- ing a problematical steamer could not bear calm examination.
As a matter of fact I suppose that Monty is entitled to half the purchase-money you received for the Company.
As a matter of fact, Martin had no intention of ever touching Rose's little capital, but he had made up his mind to direct the spending of its income.
As a matter of fact, I'm the one insisting for you to know the truth.
It is also a matter of fact that the Chief Constables of the forces of which these senior union officials are members have concluded that disciplinary action against them is not necessary.
A Matter of Fact is very pleased with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners' announcement that our organization is recognized as Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) Accredited," stated A Matter of Fact President Glenn Hammer.
As a matter of fact, upon rising to sign the final resolution, Hamilton soberly announced, "No man's ideas were more remote from the plan than [mine] were known to be; but it is possible to deliberate between anarchy and convulsion on one side, and the chance of good to be expected from the plan on the other.
As a matter of fact my argument is that only true jointness can come from within the services, and we have ample example of how that jointness has worked very well.
It's his engaging, but matter of fact, presentation that gets your attention.
As a matter of fact, parents who live in those school districts that teach "intelligent design" should insist on it.
They were, as a matter of fact, often corrupt, dispensing justice for a few chickens.