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Synonyms for mat

Synonyms for mat

lacking gloss and luster

Synonyms for mat

a thick flat pad used as a floor covering

mounting consisting of a border or background for a picture


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sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sports

a mass that is densely tangled or interwoven

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a master's degree in teaching

the property of having little or no contrast

a small pad of material that is used to protect surface from an object placed on it

twist together or entwine into a confusing mass

change texture so as to become matted and felt-like

not reflecting light

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Urinal Floor Mats are a specialist in toilet & urinal splash-catching technology based in Cumbria.
Mats with high-traction backing and the ability to absorb high levels of moisture without becoming saturated will be able to withstand more water than lower quality options, but even the best mats--when saturated--are ineffective and will bring water and materials from outside into the building while also presenting safety hazards.
A prayer mat for Dh1,100 will surely catch your attention next time you go shopping in Dubai.
For example, one collection of premium chamois mats is based on sacred Islamic sites like the Masjid Al Haram, Masjid Al Nabawi and Al Aqsa Mosque.
SIZE: To be effective and provide the maximum benefits of removing water from shoes, floor mats must be large enough to be stepped on at least once, with each foot, before the person steps off onto the floor.
Collegiate licensed mats of most of the top 50 sports colleges will be another line launching this fall.
GoodNites Bed Mats is a new bedwetting protection choice that offers outstanding absorption in a cloth-like mat, helping give families a better night's sleep.
Mat making became a dying art in the 1950s when fitted carpets became cheap and fashionable and rag mats outmoded.
There are mats that accommodate one, two or three phones at prices ranging from $30 to $130.
New South Equipment Mats is adding the SureTrak and TuffTrak composite access mats to its lineup of EarthSafe products.
ANTI-FATIGUE FLOOR MATS are perfect for anyone who works on their feet all day.
Srinagar, Jan 29 (ANI): Kashmir traditional grass mats locally known as 'wagive', used for home furnishing, are in great demand in Kashmir valley after witnessing a slump in business for past some years.