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befitting or characteristic of a fully mature woman

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Her older sister, Margaret, was matronly and dignified, probably from having assumed matronly and housewifely responsibilities too early in life, their mother having died when they were quite young, Margaret was not effusive; she was practical.
Her mild but saddened features, and neat matronly attire, harmonized together, and were like a verse of fireside poetry.
During the second day of the Feast of Calabashes, Kory-Kory--being determined that I should have some understanding on these matters--had, in the course of his explanations, directed my attention to a peculiarity I had frequently remarked among many of the females;--principally those of a mature age and rather matronly appearance.
We are glad to see you," said Annie, while a blush reddened her matronly cheek.
You'll think me unfeeling, but--but --" Then she became matronly.
Charley dried her eyes and entered on her functions, going in her matronly little way about and about the room and folding up everything she could lay her hands upon.
Cronshaw, hearing her, turned a sheepish eye upon her; she was stout, matronly, and middle-aged; and solemnly kissed his hand to her.
She was of the same curly-haired, square-faced type as Mary, but handsomer, with more delicacy of feature, a pale skin, a solid matronly figure, and a remarkable firmness of glance.
Well, your mamma thinks you ought not to go beyond the park or garden without some discreet, matronly person like me to accompany you, and keep off all intruders.
Lynde was behind her, sonsy, kindly, matronly, as of yore.
Dots who were merry children, running on before him gathering flowers, in the fields; coy Dots, half shrinking from, half yielding to, the pleading of his own rough image; newly-married Dots, alighting at the door, and taking wondering possession of the household keys; motherly little Dots, attended by fictitious Slowboys, bearing babies to be christened; matronly Dots, still young and blooming, watching Dots of daughters, as they danced at rustic balls; fat Dots, encircled and beset by troops of rosy grandchildren; withered Dots, who leaned on sticks, and tottered as they crept along.
Hay Denver was tall and stout, with a bright, round, ruddy-cheeked face still pretty, with a gracious, matronly comeliness.
Mary, a matronly young blonde, was washing dishes in the little back room that served for kitchen and dining room.
Yes, it 's good practice," laughed Polly, filling her tiny teapot, and taking her place behind the tray, with a matronly air, which was the best joke of the whole.
A dog, with only three legs, lay behind the stove; a crow sat on a roost above our heads, in company with a matronly old hen; and on the clock shelf were a stuffed monkey and a grinning skull.