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befitting or characteristic of a fully mature woman

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She did attempt to look a bit more matronly somewhere along the way, but definitely not enough to believably portray the mother of the now hefty and himself maturing former teen fave.
The author, herself admitting to be a fictional construct, recalls from her childhood the mysterious figure of Evelyn Gant, the quiet, live-in caretaker of the matronly Rebecca Theriot.
In its place we have a fantastical world inhabited by food-obsessed creations, whether the Mother who can't stop eating until she throws up when told about the Witch's cannibalism, the children's dream of chubby faced chefs and a fish-headed waiter serving a banquet and then the old crone herself now more a grossly fat matronly woman with a kitchen full of modern electrical gadgets.
The house has since had a complete and clearly high-quality if, in this property gossip's humble and meaningless opinion, safe and--dare we say--somewhat matronly overhaul by an accomplished decorator.
Maggie is a matronly woman who tries to help out her own version of baby sheep who come her way.
But, as Elinor's personal assistant, she flits in and out of this picture like a matronly Karren Brady, her doppelganger on The Apprentice.
Marking the occasion, the minister thanked and appreciated the school for such humanitarian experience, which stresses the educational dimension in building the student's balanced character with its cognitive, behavioral and matronly dimensions.
The enchanting Amy Adams ditched her usual glam apparel for more matronly clothing as the Baker's Wife on the opening night of Shakespeare in the Park's revival of Stephen Sondheim's "Into The Woods" at the Delacorte Theater in New York's Central Park on Thursday.
A cellphone video showing a docile, matronly bus monitor being taunted by four students is anything but a sunny start to the summer vacation.
Unlike Jacqueline Kennedy, who deliberately distanced herself from the matronly style of former first ladies, helping to conjure up the seductive visual mood of John F Kennedy's Camelot, there is little hard evidence that Q u e e n Elizabeth II consciously set about fashioning a "look.
With a single matronly twinkle she could flogfoiegrastovegans.
I'm still trying to find my way between matronly and coltishness," she added.
With her bouffant hair, matronly dress and demure pearl earrings and necklace, her resemblance to Thatcher is uncanny.
Ms Rai Bachchan looked too happily married -- and a tad matronly -- at a promotion of the Dolce Vita steel and gold collection of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Longines.
The grandmotherly figure starred on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls," and in recent years has seen her celebrity grow ever higher by contrasting her sweet, matronly image with a sometimes foul mouth.