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a married woman (usually middle-aged with children) who is staid and dignified

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a wardress in a prison

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a woman in charge of nursing in a medical institution

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Matron Phoebe Yates Pember and her staff were scheduled to rise each day at 5:00 a.
I recall a new matron being appointed before then--a Ms Sinclair from Gisborne.
He said: "Somehow has tweaked a muscle and won't be running in the Matron.
Pia Abbott, wife of a former housemaster, said the mum told her: "He's been having sex with a matron, she's been paying him in Mars bars.
Matron Miss G M Ferguson is introduced to Princess Margaret by Alderman J T Fletcher in April 1962.
In those days matrons were the single most powerful members of staff and would rule their domain with a rod of iron.
Why does Matron even want us to come here, we have already been to church to pray about my journey.
Modern matrons - senior nurses who oversee patient care - dropped from 4,874 in May 2010 to 3,876 last August.
They took the opportunity to meet the Interim Chief Nurse Linda Pascall, ward matrons Sharon Reynolds, Julie Romano and Justine Irish and Practice Placement Sister Charlotte Street with two third year students.
Run by Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, it was the very first Children's Community Matron Service established anywhere in the UK.
The Matron Ruby Grant Park is located within the former Royal South Sydney Hospital site, now part of the massive Green Square development, not far from the offices of the NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association in Waterloo.
The community matron is a new type of practitioner who is highly skilled and a specialist in community care and inter-agency working, and is responsible for meeting the individual's entire health and social needs [5, 6].
Health officials have decided to bring back old-fashioned bedside matrons.
After all, when people call for the return of matron to our wards, they often have in mind the starched-pinafored Hattie Jacques version who ruled her staff - and patients - with a rod of iron.