matrix inversion

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determination of a matrix that when multiplied by the given matrix will yield a unit matrix

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It requires simultaneous equations, a coefficient matrix, matrix inversion, and matrix multiplication to get the cost allocations.
Following the experiment, the matrix inversion method - optimized for specific microphone positions, such as kdev/kbin - proved to perform the best, both in the objective and the subjective analysis.
Unfortunately, the matrix inversion is not obtained directly, which will add extra complexity to the calculation of the transmitted signal after precoding.
The SNR and INR are set to 10 dB, 30dB respectively and all 300 samples are used to compute weights for the sample matrix inversion (SMI-300) solution while the [D.
High performance matrix inversion on a multi-core platform with several GPUs.
Achieves robust numerical stability as there is no sample matrix inversion.
One of the well-known methods to perform matrix inversion is singular value decomposition (SVD) [[8]].
In practice, the ensemble correlation matrix is unavailable, we resort to using a sample matrix inversion (SMI) approach which solves the constrained minimization problem using a sample correlation matrix instead of the ensemble one.
Cavallaro and Chris Dick, FPGA implementation of matrix inversion using QRD-RLS algorithm, IEEE, pp.
is displayed later in this section, since it needs deriving of some matrix inversion identities involving the matrix S.
27) we apply the matrix inversion lemma [9,10] for an arbitrary non-singular N x N matrix A, any N +1 vector a and a scalar a
In practice, the matrix inversion in (2) isn't usually performed explicitly but by solving (5) (Nelles, 2001), in this case solution using Cholesky factorization was used.
The system is solved using matrix inversion, but not any matrix can be inverted.
Features include mathematics functions available for partitioning arrays and evaluating operations such as determinants, N-dimensional integrals, matrix inversion and tensor transformations, and OpenMP 2.
In such situations, advanced ABF techniques, such as the Extended Sample Matrix Inversion Technique (ESMI), are required in order to maximize the interference rejection over the processing interval.