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that branch of jurisprudence that studies the laws governing matrimony

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The company, renamed Button Legal, will continue to practise under the Button & Co name, but it is hoped the change will allow expansion of the firm, which offers everything from conveyancing and commercial property to licensing issues, matrimonial law and wills and probate.
Covering all areas of family and matrimonial law, the practice has a sustained reputation for handling high net worth and complex cases successfully, as well as divorce and children matters, but what makes it truly unique and noteworthy is the way in which it predicts and responds to client expectations as to how its services can be accessed and cases conducted.
Information about the law was sent to Ottawa simply as notification and so the community could be included in a list of First Nations with matrimonial laws, which would take precedent over the provincial court.
Jo, who started her career in matrimonial law before specialising in conveyancing, added: "All the signs are there for promising growth in the market.
Anila has been with the firm's family department for the past year and is well known in Worcestershire for her expertise in matrimonial law.
A UK firm Ward Hadaway's Family and Matrimonial team is one of the largest dedicated teams in the North East, offering a full service on all aspects of Family and Matrimonial Law.
Focusing on anxieties wrought by changing codes of matrimonial law, Weinauer alludes to the rather Gothic qualities ascribed to marriage, especially as it relates to the husband's loss of freedom.
A special NRI matrimonial law that deals comprehensively with marriage, divorce, maintenance, child custody and related issues would provide the distressed and abandoned brides with much needed remedial armour," the committee said in its report.
Regional variations in matrimonial law and custom in Europe, 1150-1600.
Miss Monaghan, who has specialised in matrimonial law at the firm's Oswestry office since qualifying as a solicitor at the unusually young age of 23, is also a member of Resolution, a specialist group of just 5,000 lawyers who look to resolve family disputes without going to Court whenever possible.
Joseph Gitlin practices family law in Woodstock and is the author of Gitlin on Divorce: A Guide to Illinois Matrimonial Law (LexisNexis).
But his analysis of the range of motives of all parties is canny and the reader emerges with a firm sense both of the varieties of matrimonial law in church courts and of the rhythms and the language of its practices.
Tom Pollard and Victoria Gleason qualify into the corporate finance team; Liz Nicholson into the healthcare team; Graham Vials and Gillian Burns will qualify into the employment team; Jenny Jackson qualifies into the company and commercial team and Louise Cannell-Mirza into the matrimonial law team.
The activists also criticize matrimonial law for its denial of the right of women to retain or acquire property.
However, the status quo remains likely to increase the number of slightly different situations as matrimonial law varies so much from one country to another.