matrilineal kin

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one related on the mother's side

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Thus, in all regions examined in this article, matrilineal descent groups are constituted around ancestral land, owned by corporate descent groups, but inherited through female lines, with overlapping rights of disposal vested in matrilineal kin groups.
Although they left room for the application of the Islamic Shari'a and patrilineal inheritance through the endorsement of self-acquired property as being free from the control of the matrilineal kin group, the fact that matriliny was codified at all, guaranteed its survival.
From the perspective of a particular person, each cluster of houses of relatives, each hamlet section and hamlet that is inhabited by his or her matrilineal kin thus has a unique position below and above particular others, along the road that links him or her to the mountain of Punein and to the ancestors.
However, they waver between acknowledging their own origin on the mainland, and their enduring debts of fish to their matrilineal kin there, and an entirely
34) Seen from another perspective, we might understand the agency these women practise as they initiate divorce, choose their partners, and/or live independently with their children among their matrilineal kin, somewhat differently.
31) The land is considered theirs and they hold it in trust for their younger, female, matrilineal kin, who will receive land upon establishing their own households.
The reordering of descent signaled an increase in the individual wealth of some Cherokee men and a devaluing of matrilineal kin ties.