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line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family

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82), but as the passage spoken by Dondolo under discussion here suggests, the notion of matrilineage is invoked in other contexts over the course of the play as well.
1) By placing Hester Prynne, Medea, and slave mothers such as Sethe beside one another to create the matrilineage of her own two Hesters, Parks creates productive parallels and, equally important, presents the disjunctions between these archetypal models that require audiences to evaluate Hester La Negrita and Hester Smith and, by extension, the conflicts and cultural meanings of contemporary motherhood, especially when it goes wrong.
Women responded by transferring ownership before their death or relying on written wills in order to prevent their property from returning to patriarchal control within the matrilineage.
The people of the place, the author writes, 'will strive to strengthen their ties to the place by preventing the matrilineage that owns the house on the place from gaining too much power, whereas the matrilineage will try to place their own people in the house' (p.
Seminal scholarship on gender theory includes Cheikh Anta Diop's theoretical consideration of matriarchy and matrilineage in Africa (Diop 1989).
Through a discussion of fiction and non-fiction by black women writers, Wall's study is a valuable resource in the effort to define a critical epistemology of literary matrilineage in African American literature.
This hint of the feared and ostracized Russian "other" in the bosom of the family not only differentiates this fictional matrilineage from the stereotypic proud Estonian diaspora family, but opens the way for a more complex interrogation of identity through the divergent choices of each successive generation of women: Esther's unmarried aunt Helgi parries and softens the maternal imperatives of the more conventional Soft; Esther's sister Kadri disentangles herself from an unhappy "exogamous" marriage, while Esther herself remains aloof from confining partnerships, choosing to build her own house and live alone in an agricultural commune composed predominantly of independent women.
Hemings's fated matrilineage of concubinage portends the restricted conditions of her existentiality, but most revealing is her rendition of how her master exercises terror in and through terms of affection.
In the first half of the study, which concentrates on African American literature, Rody reads Toni Morrison's Beloved as the paradigmatic example of how contemporary women authors have created an archetypical and allegorical magic black daughter" (Rody's term) who transcends time to reclaim a matrilineage that has been lost or warped due to the exclusion of black women from the historical record.
This passage invokes not only a rhetoric of representation and possession, but also one of family: More exactly, it establishes a literary-critical matrilineage.
With due consideration of the ways in which colonial history has made land tenure a central concern among Arosi, I acknowledge that Arosi do indeed essentialize the relationship between a matrilineage and its territory as a given isomorphism.
In addition to one's lineage, an individual has important relationships with one's father's matrilineage.
Takavoja was a woman of the land-owning matrilineage of Pienuna: her brother was chief--later he would be replaced by her son and finally her grandson (her daughter's son).
The story of Poilua, as told by an affine of the Abolo'u matrilineage
However, some members of Daki's matrilineage were reluctant to help him cover the expenses of this aim and those of the matamatam to follow.