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Synonyms for matrilineage

line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family

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82), but as the passage spoken by Dondolo under discussion here suggests, the notion of matrilineage is invoked in other contexts over the course of the play as well.
While Opitchapam was the next brother in the matrilineage and therefore acceded to the title of mamanatowick, be was regarded as too old and mentally unstable to lead the chiefdom.
Very often several corpses belonging to the same matrilineage are removed at the same time from the various places where they were buried" (Perrin, 111).
She discusses maternal healing in Morrison's Beloved and Cha's Dictee, reliving African matrilineage in Perry's Stigmata and Jones' Corregidora, childhood scars and women's love in Perez's Gulf of Dreams and Allen's The Woman Who Owned the Shadows, and chaos and the absence of female bonds in Acker's works.
Formal bonding or marriage rituals probably developed in very early human societies, since it was important then as now to confer legitimacy of the children in relation to membership in whatever social unit was pertinent (tribe, clan, patrilineage, matrilineage, nation-state, religious group, and so forth).
As noted earlier, unlike the men's lodge, the Sisters of Colombo based their membership on Italian patrilineage or matrilineage.
Thus The Jacobs Family Papers forms a matrilineage ensuing from John Horniblow's inheritance of Molly Horniblow in 1810 to Molly's great-granddaughter's death a century later.
The complex genealogy or matrilineage of Suzan-Lori Parks's two Hesters against which contemporary audiences are likely to interpret the women's behavior underscores but ultimately reconciles the contradictions in their characters and behavior as mothers.
There could have been a group of ancestral women, all of whose matrilineal lines died out except for one, the mitochondrial Eve whose DNA got passed down to every living human being living today--it only takes one all-sons generation to stop a matrilineage dead in its tracks just as an all-daughters one will end a family name.
Because spouses are not members of each other's matrilineage, a widow does not inherit from her husband under customary law in matrilineal and double descent systems if he dies without leaving a will.
Inanna's matrilineage includes women who were sexually abused as
12) Sadoff, "Black Matrilineage," 22, and see also Ramsey, "The Compelling Ambivalence," 46.
1409(a), in so far as it perpetuates stereotypes about motherhood and outmoded notions of matrilineage of illegitimate children, violates equal protection, it is easy for the majority to fall back on biological difference.