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someone who has been admitted to a college or university

enroll as a student

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Matriculant age at anticipated matriculation, 1992-2001.
CM: When I was a teacher and reading Far from the Madding Crowd with Zulu-speaking matriculants in a village school--no, I'm not making this up--I would translate phrase after phrase of Hardy's novel into the mother-tongue of the pupils as we discussed the meaning of the text.
This would lead to drastic reductions in the number of black law school matriculants, particularly at the most selective schools, without managing to eliminate mismatch between black and white students.
107) In general, higher SAT scores were quite consistently associated with higher average earnings in both men and women matriculants in the '76 C&B cohort (p.
Matriculants reported extremely high levels of interracial interaction at the selective institutions.
The program, established in 2001, had initially recognized both two-year and four-year matriculants.
11 (showing actual and hypothetical black matriculants as a percentage of all College and Beyond matriculants, demonstrating the difference between race-conscious and race-neutral admissions policies, for the year 1989).
Wittenberg had 579 matriculants in 1519 and about 400 in 1520.
Conversations about the conversion of honors programs to honors colleges tend to emphasize public visibility, reporting lines, and enhancement of the quality of applicants and matriculants (Lawrence, 2000; Mass, 2003).
The extensive collection of print and manuscript sources offers vast opportunities for seminar matriculants to explore print culture themes and to appreciate the role that print has played in our society.
The number of new MD matriculants was flat and those with S/E undergraduate degrees declined by 3 percent between 1992 and 2001.
These committees, employing more subjective criteria, cull the over four-hundred matriculants from the eight-hundred highest scorers on the index.
It allows prospective matriculants to take another look at the school, meet and talk with minority students to learn more about the medical school program, meet potential classmates, and further assess the fit between their needs and WFU programs.