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someone who has been admitted to a college or university

enroll as a student

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Stephen's Green in gold would be insufficient recompense for his labors, postponing that metaphor for later so that he can add the fact that he is also responsible for evaluating 750 matriculants.
Recruitment efforts for fall 2012 yielded 271 new fall matriculants, which is ahead of the 194 and 238 reported in fall 2010 and 2011, respectively, and helped to offset a modest unanticipated decline in transfer matriculants.
medical school matriculants were Hispanic, whereas Hispanics were 16.
In this survey of eighteen schools, only one reported an increase in matriculants between the entering classes of 2010 and 2011 (an increase of 2.
We count students as college matriculants if they enrolled in college by October 1 of the fifth year after starting high school.
And, African American matriculants to medical schools still represent the smallest of any racial and/or ethnic group.
They represent a new means of entry for matriculants into the medical field, providing training access in particular for people from marginalised communities.
While in 1986 the total number of matriculants taking a second languages [sic] was 44 per cent .
The compilation, evaluation and preliminary application of a value questionnaire for matriculants.
However, the rate of entry of PPP matriculants into any professional degree training program is 79% (38/48).
LSAT Performance with Regional, Gender, and Racial/Ethnic Breakdowns: 2001-2002 Through 2007-2008 Testing Years 13 (LSAC Research Report Series, 2009) (reporting the virtually unchanged mean and standard deviation LSAT scores for minorities since 2001); Matriculants by Ethnic and Gender Group, LAW SCH.
Hermann Wellenreuther for confirming the list of matriculants.
Academic-year matriculants who wish to store their belongings over the summer can be accommodated so as to encourage staying on for summer courses.
The situation is more lopsided at many private liberal arts colleges and flagship public universities, with 60 to 65 percent female matriculants, and applicant pools that can be even more heavily imbalanced.