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a person who murders their mother

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the murder of your mother

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As in the conclusion to Euripides's Electra, Aeschylus's Eumenides dramatizes the aftermath of the matricide undertaken by Orestes, and here too Apollo's punishment of Clytemnestra takes the form of a repetition of harrowing intra-familial violence.
An Athena born from no-mother is a phallic phantasy; matricide is a phallic solution to symbiosis.
By connecting the two famous yet fundamentally dissimilar offences, Mary Lamb's matricide, the true circumstances of which are still rather shrouded in mystery, and William Ireland's relatively well-recorded literary forgery, which substantially differ in their nature as well as in their social and legal consequences and implications, Ackroyd composes another layer of the palimpsest composed of numerous attempts to provide their plausible and historically accurate narrative accounts.
Though most people would probably not equate it with witchcraft or matricide, the word is often associated with a strident, man-hating caricature, whose main stand revolves around maintaining a healthy crop of armpit hair, rather than campaigning for equal pay.
Published in revised form in 2008 after national and international tours, Molora attempts to temper the tragedy of retribution with the ethical renewal of ubuntu (the quality of humanity) and its vocal expression in the overtone singing (umNgqokolo) of the Ngqoko Cultural Group, whose female singers intervene as the chorus to stop this sibling pair--Orestes and Elektra--in the act of matricide.
She then convinced Nero to commit matricide and was, according to the records, the real power behind the throne.
The court appeared unimpressed by the argument by Nupur's lawyer that as a mother she could not have killed her daughter and that she has gone through enough trauma after the murder saying, "Legal history is replete with instances of matricide, patricide and fratricide.
His main case story is a tale from the Mulasarvastivada Vinaya about a matricide whose status as a fully ordained monk is revoked by the Buddha when his evil deed becomes known.
442), describing the paralipsis as articulating a sense of horror, "as if the potential matricide is the point at which we reach the genuinely unspeakable" (ibid.
After reporting a list of the changes made for the sake of morality, the London Oracle and Daily Advertiser for 31 December reports that audiences would not have tolerated the staging of matricide for the purposes of rape and incest any more than they would have tolerated a female demon: "One of the most powerful incidents in the novel is utterly lost to the Dramatist; for what audience would endure to see a man strangling his mother because she opposed him in his incestuous design upon her daughter?
Among the topics are killing Klytaimnestra: matricide myths on Etruscan bronze mirrors, androgynous imagery in Etruria, malaria in Etruria, aspects and implications of funerary ritual for infants during the Samnite period in the "Ronga" necropolis of Nola, and English potter Josiah Wedgewood (1730-95) and the Etruscans.
The civilization of metropolis here appears as a matricide that kills Gaia; its behavior endangers the planet Earth:
On the way to a night stop at Tezu, the headquarters of Lohit District, a short detour of 21 km takes you to the pilgrimage spot of Parashuram Kund, where according to legend, Parashuram washed away his sin of matricide.
which deal with themes including adultery, matricide, and animal husbandry.
The first such allusion occurs when Stephanos explains the background of the Anthesteria festival: 'Pursued by the Furies for his matricide, Orestes was tried in Athens and at last freed by the decree of Phoibos Apollo' (2).