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centered upon the mother

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Matricentric Feminism is a must-read for teachers of gender and women's studies and for feminists more widely.
who conquered the indigenous matricentric societies assimilated the
Six chapters lay the foundation for her matricentric perspective.
Tyler makes a strong case for reading Belt as an extension of the myth of Demeter and Persephone, with narrative action allowing matricentric myth to redeem patricentric myth in the novel.
One of the distinguishing features of the Amerindian philosophy, Sioui asserts, is its matricentric nature.
Abel's wishes and desires as feminist critic and theorist are nevertheless revealed in the versions and revisions of the matricentric offered by Klein and Woolf.
In Fatal Attraction, for example, the "Other woman" with the unisex name rides in on a group-psychological and matricentric current.
That's why each time husband hangs with the regressions that go down with group or adolescent psychology, wife heads off at the impasse yet another invasion of the couple by the matricentric group.
Over a period of three thousand years, these men's groups dismantled fifty thousand years of the Goddess matricentric partnership of women and men, with a hierarchical model of dominance and subordination.
Falling prey to this temptation, Elizabeth Abel, for instance, chidingly proposes that, in the closing moment of Between the Acts, Woolf's character "Miss La Trobe replaces a fully discredited matricentric narrative with the heterosexual plot that originates, for women, with the father.