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a form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line

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in The Black Woman: "(Moynihan's Black matriarchy proposition is based, incredibly, on the statistic that one-quarter--only one-quarter
Bellmont exerts the power of matriarchy defies the ideal of the sentimental home.
43sec during 1998, and had thrown minor open winners in her various litters before Woodcroft Jo secured his Category Two Derby title for this lesser-known branch of the famed 'Minnies' matriarchy.
One of the most successful families ever developed in Kilkenny is the 'Murlens' line, nurtured in the Mooncoin paddocks of Patrick and Marie Murphy, and it is to a branch of this celebrated matriarchy that the Sussex Cup victor Ballybrazil Hero belongs.
Droopys Fiona was a younger sister to Ballinderry Ash, and as their dam Ballinderry Sand was a half-sister to Derry Linda, the dam of Tico, this branch of the Skipping Chick matriarchy is no stranger to Derby honours.
The best of a brilliant litter, Droopys Vieri team up here with the Barry family's `Rhincrew' branch of the Skipping Chick matriarchy, another outlet of which claims Droopys Scholes.
Breeder Dan Murphy and his family have had this dam line in their Hospital, Co Limerick, paddocks for over 40 years, starting it off with an August 1959 bitch named Mrs Power, whose matriarchy continues to generate winners for them.
Granddam Tullig Patsey, an August 1988 whelp who reached Tralee's Kingdom Puppy Derby final, established a very successful matriarchy from which came multiple stakes-winner El Boss and Coldseal Puppy Classic hero Kit Kat Kid.
The continuation of this particular branch of the Westmead Move matriarchy depends entirely on Westmead Josie, because she was the only recorded offspring of her dam, a good racing bitch, but a litter-sister to one far superior in Westmead Chick.
Labour of woman in housework is considered unimportant compared to wealth brought by man; therefore, matriarchy is forced to change.
40) This is not so a matriarchy can rule in its stead, but rather a new vision of human society can come to the fore in which concern for the oppressed and submission to the divine are dominant concerns.
Together Deerchild and Fontaine argue that recognition of matriarchy, in terms of how women are viewed and treated in Indigenous cultures, "has been reduced to an obligatory nod" (p.
She was writing a feature for Gown and shouted for someone to spell matriarchy.
We have more than compromised ourselves in the past--imposing Anglo cultural conformity on immigrants, working in segregated settlement houses, participating in the destruction of the indigenous traditions of American Indians, forcing sterilization and untested birth control regimens on poor women, perpetuating myths about homosexual abnormality and heterosexual normality, and buying into the Moynihan paradigm of the pathological Black matriarchy, to name a few positions taken by social work.
Another common misapprehension is that before its Christianization early Ireland was a paradise of Celtic matriarchy.