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characteristic of a matriarchy

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Popular southern actress Radha's daughter Karthika Nair will be seen as Devsena - a warrior, born in a matriarchal society who will be heading the Dravidian clan to defend it from the ambush of the Aryans.
This training encourages women to accept hegemonic patriarchy as a part of matriarchal training, and functions to incorporate anti-feminist feminism into SoA.
Flores said: "On the surface, the Philippines may be mistaken for a male chauvinist macho country, but it is in essence a matriarchal society with many women actually holding sway over families, businesses, and politics.
In writing about the problems experienced by men in a matriarchal culture, Moynihan said that there were really two women in charge in many black families.
Foggo is perfect as the pernickety and matriarchal Daisy.
The great ape's social structure is complex and matriarchal.
On her mother's side, Shirene belongs to the matriarchal Baktiari Tribe -- women make the important decisions, and daughters are taught to throw knives and lassos and to ride stallions.
Then Irish state broadcaster RTE commissioned him to write a series of short stories based around the meddling matriarchal character he had created.
At Malvern Theatre until Saturday TUESDAY The irrepressible Mrs Brown brings "her" unique brand of matriarchal mayhem to the LG Arena for five nights from today 2012 was a very good year for British athletics and Emeli Sande seemed to be a ubiquitous Olympic presence.
Madeleine is the matriarchal linchpin at the Harnden kennels.
Two siblings from a matriarchal ethnic minority in China are torn between rural tradition and urban opportunity in Marlo Poras' vivid docu "The Mosuo Sisters.
These matriarchal societies had bright cultures that flourished, emphasizing care and support of all members.
Matriarchal societies; studies on indigenous cultures across the globe.
Gentlemen and Amazons: The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory, 1861-1900