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characteristic of a matriarchy

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However, these matriarchal societies did not endure the rigors of time.
Several brief studies of matriarchal social structures in historical and extant cultures from around the world are included.
In fact, there was a thriving matriarchal society in India when you guys had not even heard of education.
The traces provide the oldest direct evidence for the complex social structure among elephants -- a society that is matriarchal and segregated by sex and has solitary and herding behaviours.
Dora dedicated her life to her family and she was the matriarchal center of their lives.
We first meet widow Peggy (regular Kearney collaborator Pearl Marsland), a matriarchal martinet whose attitude exasperates her put-upon daughter Margaret (Lianne Curtis) but who is indulged by her docker son, the titular Albert.
As the number of people who can wield power in a hierarchy grows smaller as one climbs the "ladder" to the top, the majority of people do not have access to the benefits they would have if power were shared, as research is showing it to have been in matriarchal societies.
She's got a Nie SPECIAL AGEN Mirren w Hinds in the NTS: Helen ith Ciaran new film e matriarchal authority but she's v sexy.
Ms Blackman, who looked like a lovely matriarchal mermaid in glittering silver and then black tight-fitting sparkly dresses, is a spry 85.
Woman with Shell Dress (2008) is a clay sculpture that shows the subsistence of a matriarchal culture in the native tradition, in which the mother's heritage is sustained as the basis for the structure of the clan.
Also up for grabs will be Namita Devidayal's critically panned Aftertaste, which is set in a matriarchal bania family.
I came to know much later that my wife comes from a matriarchal society where women are treated on an equal footing with men.
Jennings, who many remember from such wonderful WSU productions as Children of Eden and Hair, was spectacular as the matriarchal woman.
Khasia, a matriarchal Mongol tribe, have their own culture, tradition, religion and language, and live segregated from the dominant Bengali influence.
Symbolizing female vitality, matriarchal bonds and ties to African religions, the stone is both a physical representation and a compelling metaphor.