matinee idol

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someone who is adored blindly and excessively


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For this is the very theatre where Aussie lovely, mega movie star and wife of matinee idol Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman - starred in a play called 'The Blue Room'.
Tom Conti stars in the British premiere of this Tony award-winning tale from America about the legendary and eternally tipsy matinee idol John Barrymore.
A quick chat with Euro matinee idol Vincent Perez, who plays a transsexual in Those Who Love Me .
After years as a matinee idol, his fame was finally realised in 1960 when he played a homosexual in Victim.
The former Dynasty star told how the 1950s matinee idol from Larne, Co Antrim, attacked her after spiking her drink when she was a 17-year-old virgin.
Rick Fox, with his wild hair and affable personality, is something of a matinee idol.
Yet Martin, thanks to his comedy ears, chubby baby face and matinee idol moustache manages to succeed in making the psychopath charming and really rather dashing, which helps explain why Haigh escaped justice for so long.
That's the message that came out loud and clear from last week's trial where two Italian soccer players, with matinee idol looks, claimed to have been scared out their wits by a local hard man, allegedly in the pay of Dundee's director of football.
So delicious is Jeremy Northam's portrayal of the matinee idol that it's easy to believe him to be just another one of Altman's brilliant creations.
If I was four inches taller I'd have been a matinee idol," he said of his early movie career.
The 81-year-old said she was a virgin when matinee idol Maxwell Reed attacked her on a date.
He may be a 21st-century pin-up, but High School Musical star Zac Efron seems right at home in this period drama - in fact, with his matinee idol looks and song-and-dance skills, he probably would have had an even more impressive career in that era.
Words accompanying the matinee idol David Niven look are so ugly as to make you want to turn away, if you are a certain age at least.
He's got matinee idol looks, but we'll have to see.
For every oddball if heartfelt romance, such as between the transsexual Lady Di (local matinee idol Rodrigo Santoro) and the puny, philosophical No Way (Gero Camilo), there's a horrific incidence of childhood friends like Zico (Wagner Moura) and Deusdete (Caio Blat) falling out.