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the first canonical hour

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Anwar Matin told that THK Solutions is operating in the payment landscape for few years and this partnership with 1LINK and FBL will provide the opportunity for THKS to enter a new market segment market; THK will play its role as an aggregator where Faysal Bank will cover the settlement function.
Un incendie s'est declare, ce mardi matin pres du Parc Dounia des grands vents.
ch/faits-divers/couple-retrouve-glace-hommage-fille/story/30795267) Le Matin .
Sultan's 'friend' Matin Ray Tangu, completely stole the limelight from him with his antics and left everyone in splits with his innocent comments.
According to press sources, "said that the bomber of the nightclub in Orlandua city of the US state of Florida, called Omar Matin of Afghanistan origins, where he opened fire on the pioneers of the club, killing 50 people and wounding 53 others, before being shot dead by US special forces from the / FBI / ".
Matin Akhundzada, Mir Mohammad Asim Sanjrani, Rasheed Nasir, teachers, parents of students and students were present.
Pour finir, quelques mots pour inciter les lecteurs du journal a vous ecouter chaque matin ?
La journee du travail doit commencer a huit heures du matin jusqu'a trois heures de l'apres-midi et pour les travailleurs de sept heures et demie du matin jusqu'a trois heures de l'apres-midi.
In a meeting between Nakhchivan's Minister of Culture and Tourism Sarvan Ibrahimov and Iranian General Consulate's Cultural AttachEa in Nakhchivan Ali Akbar Talebi Matin on Friday, the officials underlined abundant historical, cultural, social, and religious commonalities between the two sides, and urged relevant officials to seize these advantages to boost cultural cooperation.
UN BEAU Matin looks good in tomorrow's Don't You Just Love Downpatrick Hurdle.
Shukriya Matin (left) was able to finish school after returning to Afghanistan, and went on to become a midwife.
Nuages bas denses sur les cotes centre le matin et la nuit suivante, brume locale pres des cotes nord la nuit et le matin.
TJCG head Azaryun Matin told reporters in Kabul the Taliban and the Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan could not be entirely blamed for no major breakthrough in the peace process, saying the government and the international community paid little heed to the implementation of transitional justice and the civil society role in this regard had been far from satisfactory.
Avec un chrono de 1 min 35 sec 340/1000, soit plus de deux secondes de mieux que le meilleur temps de Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) le matin, Massa a devance REnikkE[micro]nen, vainqueur en Australie, de 152 milliemes de seconde.
The betting suggested it would be plain sailing but over keenness and some sloppy leaps culminated in a dreadful effort as he trailed in 33 lengths behind Un Beau Matin, who renews rivalry today.