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a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement

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Remember if you have a maths question you can always write in to Dr Maths.
Hat's off: Children wearing their maths hats at the start of the week.
Maths in store: Year 2 pupils from Cornist Park at Sainsbury's in Flint
He added: "I am particularly heartened to see the jump of 35% in the number of students taking higher-level maths.
mathematics is the cornerstone of virtually every science programme, then it is really quite amazing that we have so few students who have studied maths, literally, beyond GCSE and often, not even with a grade A.
Students at Stockton Riverside College are among those excelling at maths.
Mr Humble, a former senior regional coordinator at the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and the former head of maths at Newcastle College, regularly visits North East schools to help improve the quality of teaching.
The event was organised by maths teachers from both schools including John Roycroft, Jenny Calder, Martin Clifton and Aimee Syson.
The Singaporean maths teams really make the mantra 'no child left behind' a reality.
The key is to solve math problems with pleasure, not with pressure," said Kiran who finds maths "a game of numbers".
The school's maths co-ordinator Sue Gaskin said: "It was a brilliant effort on her part and we are really looking forward to spending the tokens.
Education expert Professor John MacBeath has sparked a row over his claims that by the end of S2, most pupils have learned all they need to know about maths.
When we came to power, too many of our children lacked basic skills in maths, reading and writing.
More than a third (34%) of mothers and fathers think maths is the hardest subject to help their child with, ahead of modern languages, science, history, geography and English, according to a new study.
However finding a tutor who can work around your child's schedule can be difficult, not to mention expensive - this is where Maths Kingdom can help.