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He also talked about the contributions made by Muslims scientists and mathematicians to science and mathematics.
The latter three mathematicians all ultimately found a mathematical home at Harvard after the geopolitical events of the first four decades of the century forced them from their respective homelands.
I will be happy if it encourages young female scientists and mathematicians," Mirzakhani said, in a statement.
Euler's father wanted him to become a pastor, Bernoulli persuaded him that his son had the potential to be a great mathematician.
One thousand mathematicians picked up and left their troubled homeland, with about a third settling in the United States.
Professor Tom Willmore, right, a former head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Dean of Sciences at Durham University, is internationally renowned among mathematicians for his work in differential geometry.
Fields Medal winner Lindenstrauss (who declined to be interviewed for this piece) is the son of mathematician Joram Lindenstrauss, an eminent figure in his own right.
The German mathematician and astrologer Johann Regiomontanus (1436-1476) was the first person to treat trigonometry as a distinct mathematical discipline.
Finding all possible congruent numbers is a problem that mathematicians have tackled for centuries.
A second, circa 1820, was the discovery of group theory by the young French mathematician Galois.
In the eyes of a mathematician, these patterns belong to something called the Cartesian coordinate system.
Tent, is an in-depth and intricate story of the amazing life of a revolutionary mathematician.
The second type emerges when the mathematician al-Tusi tries to solve a philosophical question: the emanation of the multiplicity.
Students might be asked to write a biography of an assigned mathematician or computer scientist from available books or pertinent websites.
Catherine is a 25-year-old woman who has been caring for her father, a brilliant mathematician who spiraled into mental illness.
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