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a relation between mathematical expressions (such as equality or inequality)

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Based on analysis of a macro- and microkinematic of meeting surfaces relatively shifting, the mathematical relations of every kinematic pair of SWH running gear were derived.
To create the mathematical relation between the average of household trip production and the socio-economic properties of the household, we will use a regression model, in which average household trip production is a dependent variable and household size, the number of drivers, the number of employees and auto ownership per household are independent variables.
The variation of viscosity with temperature within a broad temperature interval may not be represented with a sufficient accuracy by a simple mathematical relation.
1996), Spray boom motions and spray distribution: Part 1, Derivation of a mathematical relation, Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research, Vol.
The mathematical relation of the tappet movement in this area is the following:
Given the type of machine on which we apply the method of adjusting errors by modifying the surfaces of the CAD model, the mathematical relation 1, 2 and 3 can be modified.
We know [De Ba rr, 1973] the mathematical relation for defining the gap size between the two electrodes:
These methods try to express lot size by mathematical relation in dependence on time used to set up workplace and piece of time, for example the method of so called capacitance of lot size.
More and more clinical decision making tasks will be modeled in terms of mathematical relations.
Regarding the parameter of velocity which was entered into mathematical relations and formulas, we can now directly apply the above mentioned differential equation before solving it.
Not only is it true that we can discover mathematical relations in all objects presented to the senses; all certain knowledge must be knowledge of their quantitative characteristics, perfect knowledge is always mathematical," 67.
Nine appendices (about 40 pages) give background on mathematical relations, gamma and beta functions, Fourier series, basic theorems of the theory of second-order and linear second-order differential equations, perturbation methods, and discrete models of two TNL oscillations.
Modelling is a process of model creation with the assistance of derivation of mathematical relations.
There is certainly a sophistication in arrangement present in these texts, which make use of the tabular format to capture the underlying mathematical relations.
Within the stimulus equivalence literature, one of the few applied studies to address learning mathematical relations confined its analysis to fractions and their decimal equivalents.
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