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a relation between mathematical expressions (such as equality or inequality)

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To have a mathematical relation for temperature drop in terms of depth of cross section, a linear equation or more accurately a fourth-degree polynomial is the most suitable choice after testing different curve fittings.
Mathematical relations (1) and (2) of the work for each of the two cases, depending on the geometrical parameters described in fig.
000000 Source: Own elaboration based on financial data from the Mexican Stock Exchange 2000-2012 TABLE 4: IMPORTANT FACTORS THAT HAVE MATHEMATICAL RELATION IN INCORPORATING LONG-TERM LIABILITIES IN THE CAPITAL STRUCTURE OF THE MANUFACTURING AND SERVICE SECTORS CONCEPT Net Capital Income Exchange Operating Sales Tax Rate Inc.
Based on analysis of a macro- and microkinematic of meeting surfaces relatively shifting, the mathematical relations of every kinematic pair of SWH running gear were derived.
To create the mathematical relation between the average of household trip production and the socio-economic properties of the household, we will use a regression model, in which average household trip production is a dependent variable and household size, the number of drivers, the number of employees and auto ownership per household are independent variables.
The mathematical relation that governs this process, Bragg's Law, relates the diffraction angle to the X-ray wavelength and the lattice spacing in the sample.
Learn the mathematical relation of velocity of a stream and its eroding power to see how important velocity is.
They demonstrated that the mathematical relation described for animals also holds for plants.
We have now derived the mathematical relation between the process capability index, [C.
By the analysing of the mathematical relation, one can notice that the biggest influence on the depth [H.
The main advantage of the method is that of not being bound to the determination of a mathematical relation between the time series.
The variation of viscosity with temperature within a broad temperature interval may not be represented with a sufficient accuracy by a simple mathematical relation.
1996), Spray boom motions and spray distribution: Part 1, Derivation of a mathematical relation, Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research, Vol.
The mathematical relation of the tappet movement in this area is the following:
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