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Guerrero and Palomaa assert that teachers can promote a richer understanding of numbers and mathematical operations if they use these intermediate procedures created by children themselves as building blocks for instruction.
Mean confidence ratings are plotted in Figure 5 as a function of source of feedback, experimental period, and mathematical operation.
Presenting a mathematical operation in an equivalent form
Beyond simple calculations, one often cannot connect a specific mathematical operation to a need.
The discovery is based on a mathematical operation that transforms a clockwise helix into a counterclockwise one, or vice versa.
A mathematical operation * is commutative if a * b = b * a for all a and b.
Performing a mathematical operation on a single qubit is like doing many operations simultaneously, Lloyd says.
Two bags would correspond to "more" in most kids' minds, regardless of the numerical labeling and mathematical operation depicted and whether or not the kids can understand numerical and mathematical representation.
DeGrand of the University of Colorado in Boulder, the technique's developers rely on a mathematical operation that may deny the local nature of space and time.
placed fourth for analyzing a recently defined mathematical operation that helps unveil the structure of whole numbers.
The mathematical operation must act like a trap that's much easier to fall into than to escape.
Page and Hawking do much of their mathematical operation in this Wheeler superspace.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to explore development of a supercomputer capable of executing a quintillion mathematical operations per second.
You can describe mathematical operations using just words--in fact, in ancient times, that was the norm.
Today's conventional microprocessors and graphics processors are capable of performing billions of mathematical operations a second, yet the new chip system clock makes its calculations barely a thousand times a second.
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