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any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity

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Turunen, "Boolean deductive systems of BL-algebras," Archive for Mathematical Logic, vol.
He was the highest expert not only in terms of pure mathematics, and engineering cybernetics (the science of the laws governing the management processes and information transfer machines [23]), as well as classical mechanics, mathematical physics and mathematical logic (Boolean algebra, based on logical operations Similar actions on sets [23]).
But applying mathematical logic rules can help untangle the hair balls and build a better artificial representation of a cell, Ion Moraru and Michael Blinov of the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington suggest online November 21 in BMC Biology.
For example, his 1990 National Medal of Science citation says, among other things, "the application of mathematical logic to computer programs that use commonsense knowledge and reasoning"; his Franklin Institute Award says: "key developments in the application of formal logic to common sense reasoning.
With this introductory material out of the way, chapters six and seven focus on the historical and systematic process of formalizing mathematics, and on the rise and contours of mathematical logic.
mathematical logic, cognitive and perceptual psychology, computation theory, neuroanatomy, the philosophy of mind, information theory, and linguistics, among others), states Douglas Hofstadter (cognitive science and comparative literature, Indiana U.
But while that may seem to confirm the pessimistic view that any attempts to interfere with human nature are naive and challenge the mathematical logic of the codes, it seems not everyone was entirely convinced.
Yet behind their mystery lies solid mathematical logic which will always help you to find the answer.
Artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering are based on the symbolic mathematical logic, discipline maximally purged of subjective emotional worlds.
The reasoning is less grounded in mathematical logic while it is much more concerned with the empirical and inductive description of specific market configurations.
Every child is not able to grasp mathematical logic due to various reasons which may hinder the mathematical learning.
Each procedure chapter reviews the mathematical logic on which the statistical test is based and the basic tools necessary for comprehending the literature published in the statistics journals.
It is an impossible comparison to make and, moreover, it is an argument that defies simple mathematical logic.
It is not merely a study of lay or everyday logic, but instead, of professional research in mathematical logic.
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