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(mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)

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The mathematical functions and formulas associated to the instructional objects can then be stored, reused, or construed, so that to be compiled and evaluated by other components.
Korzybski specified this process in some detail in Science and Sanity, particularly the transition from mathematical functions, to propositional functions, to doctrinal functions to Korzybski's 'resting' place, a particular system function: general-semantics.
The consortium, comprising leading mathematics software vendors and interested individuals from industry and academia, has identified this core set of mathematical functions applicable to numeric algorithms with an emphasis on matrix computations.
Each function can be defined by multiple expressions; also, another essential attribute of a mathematical function is its domain.
According to the mathematical function the coefficients above a certain threshold level [d.
What mathematical function can be applied to model the path of motion of the energy generated by the wheel?
Taking into consideration the order of the dots on the graphic we can appreciate that between the two variables there is a direct statistical link and the mathematical function that best fits this connection is the liniar function.
The new USE Controller EMS integrates both outdoor and indoor temperatures with a proprietary mathematical function to help the boiler run more efficiently and to cycle the boiler off and on when specific temperature presets are achieved.
In simple terms a singularity is when an equation or mathematical function breaks down.
This article presents a mathematical function for measuring the congruence among the strand representation in the enacted curriculum, state assessments, and district pacing guides.
So when we are told that certain predictions are based on computer modelling we should be aware that someone owns the intellectual property rights of that program, and as no outsider has access to that program or is able to examine every mathematical function such modelling should be considered highly subjective.
In what follows we will demonstrate how the RMT approach helps in advancing the notion of mathematical function in underachieving students.
Using the probability as determined by the distribution of analyte value, we defined a mathematical function describing the probability of a sample in a panel of results (e.
One of his more influential works was a book which presented an analysis of a mathematical function widely known as the "plasma dispersion function" or simply the Z-function.
A simple mathematical function is developed for the description of these gestalts which can encompass complementary tendencies (as in the principle of Yin and Yang) in their dynamic interplay and, thus, can reflect the change in gestalts.
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