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If somebody calls me mate or matey I can't help feeling I'm looking at the wrong end of a punch in the throat and, like any sensible person, I back off, apologising.
Having greeted Jim and Valerie Lewis, I stepped into the pre-parade ring to watch Matey being saddled up.
One former pupil of the school - founded in 1629 - said: "He was a brilliant teacher but didn't know where to draw the line being matey with pupils.
HANDY J Holding Madonna CLOSE UP J With Jacqui at bash in Rome MATEY J Blur bassist Alex James IN TOUCH J With girlfriend Jacqui again SUITS YOU J Guy holds on to Jude Law COAT OUT J Man gets between couple KEY GRIP n Director Guy at premiere with mystery friend
I can't decide if it's his phoney lifestyle being shoved down my throat, or his matey "pucka this, pucka that", his adverts for Sainsbury's, his scooter or his mock cockney accent that has annoyed me the most.
Thanks to a winning mix of great music, matey banter and the odd hard-edged question, the Big Brother hostess proved she could give Michael Parkinson a run for his money.
They were all quite matey and it was all good-natured.
SIR - It is alarming that the best evidence of a formal agreement for the electrification of the valleys rail network seem to be two matey emails.
In reality she was around 5ft 5-ish and whippet thin, and also very warm and matey.
They called the bloke, who sounded very matey and said he was emigrating.
I don't know, but his matey, "you could do this, you know" style makes you feel as if you are.
Matey has installed a massive Kenwood sound system with a squillion watts per channel which, ironically, is worth 20 times as much as the blasted car itself.
Matey has 13 years of consumer marketing experience, most recently as vice president of consumer marketing at Vivendi Universal Net USA music and media division.
SARA LEE, makers of Matey kids bubble bath, is in trouble with some customers for changing the formula.
There are quite a few races he could go for as he hasn't run in a novice chase - there is a race on the card when Best Matey is due to run at Exeter on November 1 and he could go for that.