maternal-infant bonding

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the attachment that forms between an infant and its mother beginning at birth

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Due to the extensive research on maternal-infant bonding, early breastfeeding initiation, and skin-to-skin contact, many Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) have adopted the mother-infant skin-to-skin contact technique known as Kangaroo Mother Care.
Disruptions in maternal-infant bonding are highly correlated with pediatric asthma and are presented as a cause for these parenting problems.
Severe cases often start in infancy and compromise maternal-infant bonding and the establishment of normal sleep patterns, she said.
3,7,8) Some descriptive studies suggest potential benefits of cosleeping, such as improved breastfeeding and maternal-infant bonding, but these benefits have not been quantified.
The concept of maternal-infant bonding has been studied for over twenty years.
To date no studies have documented the effect of the Pennsylvania legislation on maternal or newborn morbidity, hospital readmission rates, maternal-infant bonding, breast-feeding practices or outcomes , or other outcomes shown or suspected of being influenced by the maternity and newborn LOS (Braveman, Egerter, Pearl, et al.
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