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one's native language

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However, where maternal language is often the same language spoken in the home and by the child, this is more complicated in the case of fathers.
In addition, the use of comments was the most common pattern when maternal language characteristics were analyzed.
So, the authors concluded that a listener's performance in a segmentation task improved when the phonological cues in the stream matched those of their maternal language (pp.
In fact, when children with MR are matched with TD for level of language development, maternal language input does not differ substantially across groups.
The choice of writing in a language that is not one's maternal language underlines the stated desire to step outside oneself in order to better examine oneself (Jean-Paul Sermain, "Une Lumiere darriere saison: Casanova e la langue francaise") and/or to highlight a strong adherence to the revolutionary dynamics of the historical moment, even though in reality the choice may reflect troubling psychological motivation of which the author himself is unaware.
According to Favriaud, du Bouchet finds himself caught between the familiarity and intimacy of a maternal language and the strangeness and distance of a foreign idiom.
The relationship between maternal language measures and language development in toddlers with expressive vocabulary delays.
And the maternal language of Woolf's photograph albums, Maggie Humm's reading implies, ought to be read as shaped by the same forces.
For example, the percentage of Quebecois whose maternal language was French went from 82.
Thes e included the child's liking folk tales, ability to recite legends in her/his maternal language, physical and nutritional health, use of maternal language in the classroom, [9] as well as the teacher's use of student groups, gestures, concretizing lessons, and didactic materials.
Claiming their contributors will give prominence to "the discourse of actual mothers" while they distance themselves from feminist psychoanalytic criticism, Daly and Reddy explain in their introduction that presymbolic and psychoanalytic theories of maternal language often limit the mother's language to a nonverbal, pre-oedipal period.
Until the first census in the Czechoslovak Republic in 1921, these were not entirely reliable because the censuses in Austria had no categories indicating either national allegiance or ethnic identity by maternal language.
The terrific French director (and sometime critic) Olivier Assayas recently voiced his reservations about making a film in English: "We don't have the same relationship with a language that's not our maternal language.
Among them, selected policy implications are reviewed, notably on learning in maternal languages and on contributions to women's empowerment.
During the meeting, the journalists apprised him about the problems they were facing and demanded incentives and appealed to him to start news and programs in their maternal languages from official radio and TV.
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