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a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters


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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality

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This is suggested in the section epigraph which indicates as well the danger that materialistically depressed persons may be motivated at a deep level to have money or the appearance of having it via material accouterments and trappings obtained at any cost, by any means in order to feel good about themselves, others, and one's environs.
But so long as we are experientially constrained state-specifically to our present cosmologically dissociated condition, we can only know through the lens of a Hegel three perspective where all is materialistically experienced as different than, and distanced and separate from, our consciousness experiencing it.
The UK is benefiting from us a lot materialistically, but when politics gets involved, we are getting the worst of everything," he added.
Although it is materialistically poor, it has First World education, literacy, and health care.
Materialistically expedient they become spiritually bankrupt.
The bar has been set so materialistically high that many parents must be at their wits end, having to go without things themselves in order to provide for their loved ones and little ones.
Chapter 6 closes the book by arguing that modern secular society promotes, often unwittingly, a scientistic narrative that assumes that all observed social and scientific phenomena can be explained materialistically.
Coming from a gender-studies perspective, Schneebaum suggests that L'Engle's female characters are encouraged to practice "passive" love, rather than autonomously develop other materialistically respected skills (36).
Set against this context of hyper-immigration, the concepts of world and place are constantly being tested by adaptation and assimilation into America's consumer-based and materialistically driven culture.
Regional award-winning films with subtitles should be given preference, as also films like Guru Dutt's Pyassa, which is extremely relevant even today in our materialistically inclined society.
You tend to get more of what you want in the marriage context [if you are perceived as beautiful] materialistically speaking," Sd says, warning that these motivations only lead to superficial feelings of attraction.
Even though she has nothing to offer materialistically, neither does she have any tangible assets, yet she manages to captivate the man of her dreams.
Nuclear disaster, which can be portrayed purely materialistically in the West, is seen as a sacrilegious act through the lens of Japanese mythology.
Botton feels that in the materialistically rich world of the 21st century, people are finding themselves in a spiritual mess and chaos.
The recent incidents and assaults on Albanians have one goal only: to wear them out, materialistically and spiritually, comments Azam Dauti in Tuesday's column.